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Delegation Reports the Truth about Haiti’s Elections

Most of the international coverage of Haiti’s elections hasn’t discussed the crucial next step: counting the votes. Besides the voter suppression, ballot-stuffing and other Election Day irregularities, there have been some suspicious occurrences on the way to the vote tabulation center as well. The US can play a key role in making sure these elections are fair, and many prominent figures are calling for the US to do so.

Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text.

Fact finding delegation reports an electoral coup now in process in Haiti

Pierre Labossiere, Yvon Kernizan, Margaret Prescod, Walter Riley and Barbara Rhine; San Francisco Bay View
October 29, 2015

Following Haiti’s controversial presidential and legislative elections held on Sunday, Oct. 25, alarm is growing about irregularities in the counting of the votes at voting centers and in the transportation of votes to the tabulation center. There is widespread mistrust of the process.

Most international observers of the election and subsequent press reports have focused on the day of the election but not on the vital final stage of the electoral process – the counting and tabulation of the votes.

Although multiple political parties are protesting the post-election counting process, Haiti’s ruling party is praising the vote and objecting to critiques of the tabulation process. CEP (Haiti’s Provisional Electoral Council) has yet to make an official statement to address the growing concerns.


Click HERE for the full text.

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