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Widespread Fraud Observed in Haiti’s October 25 Election

Though on the surface, Haiti’s October 25 election appeared to go well, one didn’t have to look too closely to find massive fraud in the process. Besides the widespread ballot stuffing, more than half of the voters were monitors from political parties and many of these monitors found ways to vote several times or sell their ID cards to others who would vote for certain candidates. The vote-counting process is supposed to take away some of these fraudulent ballots but there is not much faith that Haiti’s vote tabulation center can handle it effectively. The outcome of this election is crucial for Haiti’s future.

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Haitian observers: ‘Massive fraud’ in vote

Jacqueline Charles, Miami Herald
October 29, 2015

PORT-AU-PRINCE — By all accounts, Haiti’s recent vote to restore parliament and select a successor to President Michel Martelly was one of the most tranquil elections the country has seen in recent years. Whether the vote was fair and transparent is still up in the air.

Four local observer groups and opposition presidential candidates are denouncing what they say was “systematic, massive fraud” during the vote for president, parliament and local mayors. Among the allegations: ballots were stuffed in boxes during the final hours of voting, and political party monitors voted multiple times for a candidate.

On Thursday, one of the top presidential candidates, former Sen. Moise Jean-Charles, said checked ballots with his name are being burned. In response, supporters burned tire barricades in parts of the capital.


Click HERE for the full text.

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