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Queen’s University Discusses Cholera Accountability

UNaccountability: The Legal (and Moral) Responsibility of the United Nations in the Haitian Cholera Epidemic


Adam Houston, University of Ottawa Faculty of Law and IJDH cholera team member discusses UN accountability at Queen’s University in Canada.

Until it was introduced into the country by UN Peacekeepers in 2010, cholera was unknown in Haiti. Since that time, close to 9000 people have died, and over 700,000 more have fallen ill. Despite conclusive evidence of the source of the epidemic, and its own obligations under international law, the UN has declined to compensate victims, to devote adequate resources to eradicating the disease, or even to apologize for the harms caused. By doing so, it refuses to be held to the same standards of good governance and the rule of law it promotes in Haiti and around the world.


Mackintosh-Corry Hall D214
Queen’s University
Kingston, Ontario, Canada


Thursday, November 26, 2015


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