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Low Voter Turnout and Voter Suppression Taint Haiti Election

IJDH’s Brian Concannon and Haiti Action Committee’s Pierre Labossiere discuss Haiti’s October 25 elections (starts around minute 30). Not only did the threat of violence cause low voter turnout in many areas but in areas with higher turnout, massive voter suppression occurred. Most of these threats to democracy were carried out by or in favor of people affiliated with Haiti’s current president, Michel Martelly.


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Massive Voter Suppression In Haiti

Glen Ford & Nellie Bailey, Black Agenda Radio

November 2, 2015

Haiti held presidential elections on October 25, following disastrous legislative elections this summer that were wracked by violence perpetrated by allies of the U.S. backed government. The failure to punish those responsible for the repression on August 9 produced a “catastrophically low” turnout of 20 to 30 percent in October, said Brian Concannon, of the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti. His interpretation is disputed by Pierre Labossiere, of Haiti Action, who was part of a human rights and fact-finding mission to the island nation. Labossiere believes supporters of the Family Lavalas party of former president Jean Bertrand-Aristide, who was deposed in a 2004 U.S.-backed coup, turned out in huge numbers in October, but that many were denied access to the polls. He predicts that vote tallies to be released this week will show Lavalas was able “to overcome a lot of these fraudulent practices that were carried out.”


Click HERE for the audio.

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