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What will the US role be in Haiti’s fraudulent elections?

Many blame Haiti’s turbulent history, including the misuse of post-earthquake aid and the coups against former President Aristide, on Haitian corruption but fail to acknowledge the US role in these events. Now, as Haiti gears up for the third round of elections that are already marred by fraud, many wonder what the US role will be this time. Will the US accept any candidate that matches their interests or can activists force the US to stand for fair and democratic elections?

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Weisbrot: U.S. needs strict Haitian pledge before sending any aid.

Mark Weisbrot, My Statesman

November 5, 2015

When a devastating earthquake struck Haiti in January 2010, killing more than 200,000 people, former President Bill Clinton said that the reconstruction would provide an opportunity to “build back better.”

Some $9.6 billion was pledged by the international community, including the U.S. government. But nearly six years later, although about $7.6 billion has been disbursed, there is not much to show for it.

Hundreds of thousands of Haitians displaced by the earthquake remain without adequate shelter.

USAID, the U.S. State Department’s development agency, pledged to build 15,000 homes but has so far only delivered 900.


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