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Mario Joseph talks about role of Int’l community in Haiti elections

BAI’s Mario Joseph’s analysis of the U.S.’s involvement in Haitians elections since 2011.   With the run off on the horizon, Haiti’s faces a similar fate, another U.S.-backed president with a weak democratic mandate.

Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text.

Will Washington Greenlight Another Coup in Haiti?

Natalie Miller, Foreign Policy in Focus

December 8, 2015

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In October, Haitians went to the polls in a critical election for nearly 5,000 political positions, including the presidency. The preliminary results named Jovenèl Moïse, a member of outgoing President Michel Martelly’s party, as the frontrunner — though by a small enough margin that a runoff vote is planned for December 27th.

Unfortunately, evidence of overwhelming fraud discredits these results. If the putsch is successful, Haiti could have yet another U.S.-backed president with a weak democratic mandate.

The United States has a long legacy of destructive intervention in Haiti — whether through direct military occupation, support for heinous dictators, facilitation of coups d’état, or manipulation of the electoral process.

Link to the original article HERE.

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