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Why is the U.S. in such a rush to end Haiti’s elections?

Before Haiti’s Provisional Electoral Council gave in to widespread demands to postpone the final round of elections, president Martelly and the United States were pushing hard to hold them no matter what. Did that have anything to do with the fact that Hillary Clinton, who’s currently campaigning for U.S. president, played a major role in putting Michel Martelly in power? Now that it’s clear that Haitians won’t stand for illegitimate elections, even Haiti’s business sector has distanced itself from Martelly, though its interests generally coincide with his. Martelly hopes to keep power long enough to hand it over to his successor but the Constitution has other rules for the situation.

After Haiti Elections Postponed, Is the U.S. Rushing to Protect Clinton?

The Real News Network
January 26, 2016

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