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How “The International Community” Undermines Haiti

This article discusses what led to the postponement of Haiti’s final round of elections, despite the efforts of the international community to proceed regardless of major flaws in the process and outcome. The author also explains how “the international community” is usually a euphemism for the United States and this latest political crisis is symptomatic of the larger problem of US involvement in Haiti.

Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text.

For US in Haiti, black votes don’t matter

In rare defeat for Washington, Haitians force postponement of elections

Mark Weisbrot, Al Jazeera America
January 29, 2016

Journalists are taught in school to avoid euphemisms. When someone dies, they write that she “died” instead of “passed away.” But one euphemism that has become a fixture in U.S. news reporting is “the international community.” This is generally a substitute for the U.S. government, with or without some input from some of its allies.

Perhaps this is nowhere more true than in Haiti, where Washington has long exercised a veto over the country’s most important decisions. But last week the “international community” suffered a rare defeat when Haitians rejected Washington’s plans for a deeply flawed presidential runoff election to take place on Sunday, Jan. 24.

How did this happen? Basically, Haitians managed to put Washington in the situation of having to maintain that a runoff election with only one candidate, businessman Jovenel Moïse, would be legitimate, or postpone the election. As late as last Thursday, just three days before the election, U.S. officials were insisting that they would go forward even if the second candidate, engineer Jude Célestin, refused to participate. But he stuck to his boycott, and they backed down.


Click HERE for the full text.

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