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Electoral Commission’s Report May Aggravate Haiti’s Crisis

A commission established by Haiti’s President Martelly evaluated Haiti’s 2015 elections and found an extreme number of irregularities including fraud and voter registration errors. Despite this, the commission fell short of recommending a re-vote or new elections while President Martelly recommends that Haiti proceed with the next round of elections on January 17th. Many fear that the commission’s findings will serve to aggravate the current electoral crisis, especially if the elections continue with the fraud-marred results.

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Haiti presidential vote plagued by irregularities, report finds

Jacqueline Charles, Miami Herald

January 3, 2016

A commission charged with evaluating Haiti’s Oct. 25 presidential and legislative elections has found that egregious irregularities and a high presumption of fraud plagued the vote, while the electoral machine requires sweeping changes in order to hold a postponed runoff.

According to official results, government-backed candidate Jovenel Moïse received 32.76 percent of the votes while Jude Célestin, the former head of the state construction agency, garnered 25.29 percent. Célestin, however, called the results a “ridiculous farce” and refused to campaign.

Alleging vote-rigging and ballot-stuffing, Célestin and other opposition candidates called for an independent Haitian-led commission to probe the disputed balloting. The commission was created by President Michel Martelly on Dec. 22, five days before the postponed second round. On Sunday morning, members issued their findings, which critics say do not resolve the political crisis despite pointing out a series of major systemic problems besieging Haitian society.


Click HERE for the full text.

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