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Taking a page from Arab Spring, Haitians use social media to disrupt flawed elections

Following suit from the Arab Spring, Haitians have taken to social media to record the discrepancies in this years elections.  The results showed that social media is connecting Haitians to share their ideas and values like never before.

Part of the article is below. Click HERE for full text.

How Haitians Used Social Media to Upset Haiti’s Elections Like an 1804 Boss

Daniella Bien-Aime, Bien-Aime Post

January 3, 2016


Quick, quick—here is a short history quiz for you.

Name one common event about the Arab Spring in the Middle East.

Umm, let me think—wait, wait, I know! There were several social uprisings that took place in Tehran, Egypt and Libya, among others.


Since you’re so good at this, I have one more for you.

What were some of the main tools those masses used to bring about these social revolutions?

Social technologies.

You rock!

Well, guess what?

Haitians have borrowed a page from the Arab Spring social revolutions to upset Haiti’s latest elections. And so far, the Haitian masses, activists, social media influencers and well-informed objective journalists have helped the poor score a win.

Click HERE for the full text.

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