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Can the Next Secretary-General Improve UN Accountability?

Although the United Nations does much commendable work around the world, it has increasingly come under fire for its lack of accountability, particularly in cases of sexual abuse and the cholera epidemic it brought to Haiti. Many are wondering how the next Secretary-General, who will be chosen this year, can begin to address these issues. Some of the ideas and suggestions are discussed in this article.

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Can a new boss fix the U.N.?

Mark Porubansky, MinnPost

April 13, 2016

Can a new boss fix the U.N.?

It’s hard to imagine the world getting even as far as it has in tackling climate change without the United Nations pushing governments to reduce emissions. Or the Iran-nuclear deal, as imperfect as it is, having taken shape without the U.N. imposing sanctions on Iran or its teams of inspectors verifying compliance.

But after its role in these big events last year, the U.N. finds itself the subject of a lot of negative headlines this year. Is there much that a new leader, to be chosen in a campaign that began in earnest this week, can do about it?

There is plenty to fix, including a pattern of sexual abuse and rape by peacekeeping soldiers who take advantage of vulnerable people they should be protecting, and an unwillingness to acknowledge responsibility for a cholera epidemic in Haiti that has killed 9,000 people. The U.N. is also facing accusations that it is allowing itself to be atool of the Syrian government.


Click HERE for the full text.

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