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U.S. Intervention in Haiti’s Agriculture and Elections

Right now, Haitians are speaking out against US intervention in two major sectors: agriculture and elections. In agriculture, the US Department of Agriculture plans to ship 500 metric tons of Haiti to help with the hunger crisis, despite the fact that Haiti is already self-sufficient in the peanut industry. If carried out, this plan will destabilize Haiti’s agricultural sector, just like similar programs have done in the past. Regarding elections, U.S. proconsul Kenneth Merten has been making many trips to Haiti to meet with Haiti’s political leaders. While most Haitians demand a verification of the previous rounds of elections, Merten has asked that the verification be very quick and not change the results (though the verification is expected to find rampant fraud).

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Don’t Dump Peanuts on Haiti, Campaigners Tell the US


May 2, 2016

Ostensibly a donation, flooding Haiti with peanuts could wipe out the country’s struggling domestic producers.

As part of its “Stocks for Food” program, the U.S. Department of Agriculture plans to ship 500 metric tons of peanuts to Haitian schools, which could destroy Haiti’s peanut market and the livelihood and income of 150,000 peanut farmers and their families, warned the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti, a non-profit based in Boston, Massachusetts.

“This is the latest in a long history of U.S.-sponsored programs which have destabilized Haiti’s agricultural sector, further impoverishing the nation and increasing its dependence on foreign aid,” the group said in a statement, noting that “President Clinton had to apologize for one such misguided program in the 1990s.”


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