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Haiti’s Cholera Epidemic Proves Resilient

The incredibly large cholera epidemic in Haiti has continued powerfully through its 2010 outbreak, claiming the lives of around 175 people this year and proving its title as the “largest and most explosive cholera epidemic in modern times.” While many global bodies and most scientists place the blame on the UN after a leaked UN investigative report faulted Nepalese peacekeeping troops and their base’s poor hygienic systems, the UN has yet to take significant action to combat the cholera outbreak.

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Haiti struggles to contain massive cholera outbreak

Victor Muisyo, Africa News

May 30, 2016

Health departments in Haiti have issued alerts on a looming cholera outbreak in the troubled Caribbean nation.

Haiti’s cholera epidemic began just ten months after the devastating earthquake that shook the country in 2010. This year alone, there’s been an outbreak of 16,000 cases according to the country’s health ministry. The result has been roughly 175 deaths, and at least 27 deaths in April and May alone.

Health centres have been set up in and around Port-au-Prince, among other sites.

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