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New England International Donors Seeks Executive Director


The Executive Director will work closely with the New England International Donors (NEID) Advisory Board to develop strategies, to produce annual operating budgets, to generate requisite funding, and to mobilize and manage NEID’s resources to achieve its mission as effectively as possible.  The Executive Director will work to further the collaboration between NEID and The Boston Foundation, specifically working with The Center for Global Philanthropy.  The Executive Director will work to create a highly efficient and fluid operating culture that is both strategic and responsive to the goals and needs of a membership organization.

Essential Functions:

Program Development – work with the Board to develop a “pro-active” program agenda to advance our mission, to identify and nurture critical partnerships, to be responsive to member-driven agendas and to propel global change;

Program Execution – recruit presenters/facilitators, publicize and recruit attendance to events, provide logistical coordination and solicit feedback on varied programs;
Budget Management – produce and provide quarterly budget updates that align strategic mission goals with tactical objectives and constraints;

Fundraising – Ensure the budget is supported in “partnership” with the Advisory Board through effective fund raising via membership dues, grant proposals, annual “event(s)” and other efforts;

Communications – manage the web-based calendar to inform membership; publish a monthly newsletter of curated events; create promotional materials; and prepare reports and other information for regular Board meetings

Culture – Create an entrepreneurial “can do” environment that supports multiple activities at various levels of development from idea through design to execution.  Support a climate of collaboration with members, external partners and the Advisory Board. Integrate NEID programs into the Center for Global Philanthropy (CGP) to ensure that NEID is “connected” to the intellectual energy and resources of the larger work of The Philanthropic Initiative/The Boston Foundation (TPI/TBF).

Other Duties and Responsibilities:

  • -The Director will allocate 10% of his/her time and effort to the goals of the CGP.  This is to ensure that s/he is “connected” to a larger organization that shares a common mission: affording intellectual peer networking and a collegial working environment.
  • -The Director will be expected to provide managerial support and direction to a full-time assistant.
  • -Individuals assigned to this position may perform other duties as assigned.


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