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The Lancet Journal Calls for UN Accountability

The Lancet Medical Journal published and open letter to Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, asking him to take accountability for the Haiti cholera epidemic. The letter cites more than 30,000 Haitians dead and 2 million affected by the outbreak, with no signs of improvement in the past 6 years. Despite over 2,000 letters sent to the United Nations from Haitians struggling with this disease, the UN has continued to claim immunity. The Lancet concludes by urging Ban to “make this a final act in your celebrated career as Secretary General”.

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Dear Mr Ban Ki-moon

Joe Raedle The Lancet

June 10th, 2016

We have greatly admired your leadership as Secretary-General of the UN. Over your 10 years heading the world’s most important international organisation, you have played an exemplary part in strengthening the global health agenda—championing awareness of women’s and children’s health, global warming, and humanitarianism. But there is one issue that concerns us deeply.

In 2010, UN soldiers from Nepal were deployed to help after Haiti’s devastating earthquake and cholera contaminated sewage was discarded from their camp into the country’s major river. This triggered the largest cholera outbreak in the world, leaving more than 30 000 Haitians dead and more than 2 million affected.

6 years later a cholera epidemic still rages—14 000 new cases and 150 deaths are reported this year alone. The UN has yet to accept responsibility for introducing cholera into Haiti, despite two investigations establishing these facts.

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