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The UN’s Cover Up in Haiti’s Cholera Crisis

The Takeaway Magazine spoke with Jonathan Katz, the first journalist to document the U.N’s role in Haiti’s cholera crisis. The disease initially killed 5,000 people and has since claimed up to 30,000 lives. Despite Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon’s claims that the UN has a moral responsibility to help end the outbreak, they have denied responsibility for starting the outbreak despite almost indisputable scientific research. The Haiti Aid fund that the United Nations pledged has also been vastly underfunded, reaching only 18%.

After the initial outbreak, the UN actively tried to cover-up their involvement, destroying evidence and putting out press releases disclaiming their responsibility.  Even after an independent UN-appointed panel found the organization responsible for causing epidemic, the UN still refused to acknowledge the findings of the report.

The repercussion of the UN’s lack of moral responsibility is particularly damaging because moral authority is the United Nations’ most powerful tool. How do they have any credibility to impose moral regulations on other countries, when they themselves do not uphold the humanitarian principles of the UN charter?

Cholera has now become endemic to Haiti while the country had never experienced the disease before 2010. There are still no clean water and sanitation facilities in Haiti to help the country and its victims recover. The UN needs to invest in the country to prevent more spread of the disease.

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U.N. Accused of Cover Up as Cholera Ravages Haiti

The Takeaway

June 3rd, 2016

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Since cholera first broke out in Haiti five years ago, Doctors Without Borders estimates that it has killed as many as 30,000 people, and another 2 million have survived the disease.

Journalists and scientists have traced the disease back to a U.N. compound that was housing peacekeepers from Nepal. The cholera outbreak was sparked after the compound began disposing of raw sewage in a nearby water way.

The U.N. has never taken responsibility for the outbreak or the deaths, but Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has said the U.N. has “a moral responsibility” to help end the spread of the disease.

Click HERE for the full audio interview.


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