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No Decision Made on Privert’s Term: Unrest Continues

June 14th was supposed to be the day that Jocelerme Privert ended his 120 day transitional government, but parliament has not yet come to a conclusion on his term. Had elections gone successfully, there would have been a new president in place by now. However, the verification commission found widespread fraud in the elections so Haiti is still without an elected president. Haiti’s national assembly needs to vote on whether or not to prolong Privert’s presidency despite the February accord’s deadline. Anti-Privert protests are being planned, as well as Pro-Privert marches, and it is clear that parliament needs to make a decision.

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More uncertainty for Haiti as parliament fails to decide on Privert

Jacqueline Charles, Miami Herald

June 15th, 2016

An upbeat and smiling Jocelerme Privert walked into the waiting room of the presidential suite Tuesday offering pleasantries and looking like anything but a man at the end of a presidency.

While the day was supposed to be the end of a transitional government, capped at 120 days under a Feb. 5 political agreement, it was being treated like any other day by Privert. Last week, he met with different sectors of Haitian society discussing what he had done since his Feb. 14 election to the presidency by parliament, but this week he went back to presidential duties, dropping in on a radio station’s celebration, making a surprise visit to the general hospital where residents have been on strike for three months, and attending a celebration in the Grande Anse Department.

“I was born the first of February, and I regard today like the first of February,” Privert said in a Miami Herald interview. “I was elected provisional president the 14th of February, and I started my day today as if it were the 14th of February.”

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