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Haiti Takes Steps to Begin Electoral Process

Ever since the United States announced that it would not fund Haiti’s elections because it disagreed with Haiti redoing them entirely, some worried that Haiti would not be able to pull off elections without those funds. Now, Haiti’s Electoral Council is taking some concrete steps towards beginning the process in earnest. A budget for the elections has been released and a timeline of 45 days for the candidates to campaign has been announced. Many within and outside Haiti are looking to see if Haiti can succeed in running more honest elections on its own.

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Haiti kicks off presidential campaigning with a timid start

Jacqueline Charles, Miami Herald

August 23, 2016

Campaigning for Haiti’s Oct. 9 presidential do-over elections got off to a timid start Tuesday with the country’s elections chief asking candidates and political parties to campaign fairly and prevent elections-related violence.

Léopold Berlanger also reiterated that there will be stricter controls on the balloting, which includes voting for one portion of the 30-member Senate and runoffs for several legislative seats.

“There will be no voting wherever you like,” Berlanger said, referring to poll watchers, also known as mandataires, who were allowed to vote at any polling stations in last year’s disputed vote, triggering allegations of fraud and plunging the country into a political crisis. “No one will have the right to do this.”

Berlanger also said that the voter list — now at 6.1 million voters — is ready, and that the number of polling stations has been reduced to provide voters with more space and privacy to cast ballots.


Click HERE for the full text.

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