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OAS accepts role as elections observer, recommends changes ahead of vote

The Organization of American States has agreed to observe this October’s re-run of the Haitian presidential vote after the revelation of massive voter fraud last year’s elections. While accepting the observatory role, the OAS Electoral Observation Mission has voiced the need for systematic change to by enacted by Haiti’s Provisional Electoral Council (CEP). With a long list of concerns, OAS has included all those factors which contributed to the status of condemnation received by last year’s elections.

Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text.

OAS will observe Haiti’s elections but wants changes ahead of vote

Jacqueline Charles, Miami Herald

August 2, 2016

The Organization of American States will once again serve as observer for Haiti’s presidential vote.

But the OAS Electoral Observation Mission is calling on Haiti to adopt sweeping changes to strengthen its elections process ahead of the upcoming Oct. 9 presidential rerun in order to avoid the kinds of procedural breakdowns and fraud allegations that plunged the country into a full-throttle crisis.

In a 15-page document released Tuesday, the mission lists more than a half dozen recommendations aimed at reforming the process, and closing legal loopholes that have triggered disagreement between foreign and Haitian elections observers over what constitutes fraud.

Among the immediate changes Haiti’s Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) is being asked to make: tighter controls on political party representatives known as mandataires so their votes can be separated; more training and power for poll workers to help them better identify irregularities; and changing the indelible ink used to identify individuals who already voted.

Click HERE for the full text.

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