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Doctor who led Ebola response to spearhead Haiti cholera epidemic

The UN has appointed British physician David Nabarro, who spearheaded the UN’s response to Ebola, to go after cholera on the ground level. Nabarro plans to increase vaccination rates and numbers of rapid response teams to ensure that help gets to the victims before the disease turns fatal. To help cover costs, Nabarro will go after smaller, specific chunks of funding by emphasizing the UN Secretary General’s call for the implementation of an effective program to end cholera in Haiti.

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British doctor who tackled Ebola now leads fight against cholera in Haiti

By Jacqueline Charles, Miami Herald

September 30, 2016

British physician David Nabarro, who led the United Nations’ response on Ebola, has been tapped to do the same with Haiti’s cholera outbreak.

In early August of 2014, the Ebola virus was rapidly spreading through small towns in three West African nations, and doctors were losing the fight to control the outbreak.

David Nabarro, a British physician with more than 30 years of public health experience, had just been appointed coordinator of the United Nations’ Ebola effort. As he worked with the African governments and tried to galvanize international support from a variety of financial sources, Nabarro couldn’t escape the worrying questions from donors.

“Do you know what you’re doing? Do you have a strategy that’s sensible that we can buy into? Do you have the confidence of the national governments?” Nabarro — who ended up raising $3.5 billion to fight Ebola — recalled more than one donor asking him. “There was a question mark always over whether or not we had a strategy that made sense, whether or not we knew what we were up to.”

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