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Hurricane Matthew and the rights of persons with disabilities

The rights of persons with disabilities are routinely left out of the conversation on human rights – especially after major natural disasters like this month’s Hurricane Matthew. Emilio Deas explores what the situation in Haiti is for persons with disabilities before and after Hurricane Matthew.

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Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Times of Disaster

Emilio Deas, Disability Rights Fund

October 23, 2016

Man with crutch outside his house destroyed by the hurricane. (Photo from original article)


Until a month ago, Emilio Neas’ region in Haiti was rich in agriculture and beautiful sand beaches. Now, as a result of Hurricane Matthew, over a thousand people are dead and thousands have lost their homes and livelihoods. The delivery of humanitarian aid is hampered by impassable roads and now, a heavy rain that is flooding the rivers and streams.

“The country is on its knees. The population is desperate and many persons with disabilities no longer have any shelter and are traumatized by this event that has taken all their possessions. Cholera is on the increase,” said Emilio Neas, lawyer and coordinator of the RANIPH (National Association Network for the Integration of Disabled Persons) Southern Coalition. He shares his first impressions working on the ground in Haiti in our blog series, “Hurricanes in My Backyard.”…


Click HERE for the full article.


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