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Push-back against UN-like organizations after Matthew

After Hurricane Matthew, there has been increased conversation around where people should donate to. Many Haitians have a severe mistrust of the UN after its accidentally introduced cholera in 2010 as well as the Red Cross after a report detailing corruption in donation funds after the earthquake were released earlier this year. IJDH’s Nicole Phillips explains that, post-hurricane, there is a big need for Haiti to shift out of a culture of dependency on international organizations.

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Why the United Nations is facing push-back as it tries to help Haiti

Zhai Yun Tan, The Christian Science Monitor

October 14, 2016

Town residents help carry hurricane relief supplies, dropped off by a US military helicopter, to a waiting truck in Anse d’Hainault, southwestern Haiti, Friday, Oct. 14, 2016. Haiti struggles to find enough aid to help the millions of residents affected by hurricane Matthew. (Photo from original article)


Tensions are high in Haiti after the country was hit by category 4 hurricane Matthew last week, as thousands continue to seek aid amid collapsed homes and infrastructure.

The increased friction has led to reports of United Nations peacekeepers firing at people attempting to ransack truck convoys carrying food. On Thursday, some Haitians protested and barricaded blue-helmeted peacekeepers, claiming a UN truck had hit and killed a motorcyclist, according to Reuters.

There are also calls for help from rural areas where access is hampered by destroyed roads…


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