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Not Too Late for UN to Apologize to Haiti for Cholera

Special Rapporteur Philip Alston has released a report condemning the UN for their inaction in the cholera crisis in Haiti.  The admittance by the UN of their involvement in the origins of the epidemic is important, but Alston states that there is still a long road ahead in the UN righting their wrong.

Part of the article is below.  Click HERE for the full article.

Human Rights Expert to UN Chief: It’s Not Too Late to Say Sorry to Haitians for Cholera

Colum Lynch, Foreign Policy

October 25, 2016

About two months ago, the United Nations ended years of denial about the role of U.N. peacekeepers in causing Haiti’s 2010 cholera epidemic,acknowledging for the first time that blue helmets had a hand in it. But the U.N. has yet to issue an apology or to accept legal responsibility for those actions, instead seeking funds from member states for a no-fault financial settlement worth up to $400 million.

That strategy came under attack Tuesday from an independent U.N. human rights expert, Philip Alston, who called the decision to skirt legal responsibility “a disgrace.” In order to restore the U.N.’s reputation as the world’s chief defender of human rights, he said, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon must accept full legal responsibility for the introduction of cholera into Haiti by U.N. peacekeepers and issue an unqualified apology to the Haitian people.

Click HERE for the full article.

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