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Dominican boxer fights for Dominicans of Haitian Descent

Adonis Peguero was born in the Dominican Republic, but is no longer considered a Dominican citizen, due to the DR’s recent immigration policy enforcement. Peguero is using his athletic prowess in the ring to advocate for Dominicans of Haitian descent, and the 300,000 Dominicans of Haitian descent who have been rendered stateless.

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Boxer Adonis Peguero Fights For Dominicans Of Haitian Descent

Ken Shulman, WBUR 90.9

October 8, 2016

Without citizenship, Adonis Peguero is left training in an outdoor cement pavilion — and telling his story. (Photo from original article)


They say that poverty makes the fighter. But not too many fighters come from a place as poor as Guanuma. A hamlet on the northern fringe of Santo Domingo, the Dominican Capital, Guanuma used to be a sugar town. Half the people who live here are Haitian migrants who came to cut cane. But the nearby plantations have all shut down. And these days most of Guanuma’s men play cards or stare into space. Women, if they’re lucky, board early morning buses for day work as maids. The less fortunate ones work nights in the sex trade.

For Adonis Peguero, the son of Haitian migrants, Guanuma was an easy place to get into trouble.

“I was a bit of a hothead when I was younger,” he says in Spanish. “I was always getting into fights. I guess I had a problem with some of the people here. I just couldn’t control myself or my anger. It made me very aggressive.”…

Click HERE for the full article.

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