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Haiti’s Extreme Prison Conditions Reach Australian News

Haiti’s prisons were already overcrowded but conditions worsened after the 2010 earthquake, which aggravated the backlog of paper work by destroying several government buildings. Many of the prisoners have never even seen a judge and even men who have been approved for discharge remain in prison due to conflicts in their paperwork. This article shows why improvements in Haiti’s judicial system are so necessary.

Part of the article is below. Read the full article here.

Haiti’s Prison from Hell: ‘I can’t cope, I have no-one’

Debra Killalea,

April 4, 2017

IT’S so overcrowded there’s barely room to move.

Dozens of men are crammed into cells for hours on end, some without access to a toilet.

Welcome to Haiti’s National Penitentiary.

Regarded as one of the most overcrowded prisons in the world, Dateline reporter Seyi Rhodes goes inside and discovers the shocking conditions many are forced to endure.

Among the overcrowded inmates, 80 per cent have been imprisoned without a conviction while others have been languishing inside for years awaiting their fate.


Read the full article here.

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