The former mayor of a rural town in Haiti is due to make his first appearance in a U.S. court in Boston on Thursday over a lawsuit accusing him of murdering, torturing and burning the homes of his political opponents between 2007 and 2009.

Jean Morose Viliena fled Les Irois, Haiti around January 2009 when authorities there began investigating. He had been working as a school bus driver while living in Malden, Massachusetts, according to lawyers for three former constituents.

Viliena, backed by an armed militia, committed human rights abuses by routinely using violence against perceived political opponents or people who complained about how he governed the town of about 22,300 people, the lawsuit said.

In court papers, Viliena denied the allegations. Viliena is serving as his own attorney.

Lawyers with the Center for Justice and Accountability representing three Haitian nationals said they filed the lawsuit seeking unspecified damages in March because Viliena has not been convicted in Haiti.

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