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Cities Across the U.S. Await Looming TPS Decision

Nearly 60,000 Haitian nationals have been legally residing in the U.S. for the past seven years  could be deported if the Trump administration fails to renew Temporary Protected Status for Haitians. Haiti’s situation is still precarious. Failing to extend TPS for those Haitians will not only directly affect them and their families, but cities across the country would lose valuable members of the workforces and their communities. A wide range of advocacy groups, politicians, religious figures, doctors and unions have come out in support of TPS extension. Their reasons vary from humanitarian to practical reasons, but, despite some opposition, the message is clear: extend TPS for Haitians.

Add your voice: Call your representatives and senators to urge them to support TPS for Haitians. For more information on TPS extension and its supporters, please visit our website.

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Decision Time Nears on Status for Haitians in the US

Maria Cramer, The Boston Globe

May 18, 2017

The federal government has until next Monday to decide the fate of nearly 60,000 Haitians who have been allowed to stay and work in the United States after the 2010 earthquake that devastated their country.

In 2011, the Obama administration granted “temporary protected status” to people from Haiti, which allows immigrants from a designated country who are already living in the United States the right to stay and work legally if they cannot return to their country because of violence or natural disaster.

As the deadline looms, here is a look at the consequences of revoking the status for affected Haitians, those who support extending the program and those who oppose it:

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