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“Outstanding Student of the Year” Faces Deportation if TPS Expires

Cansery Goguette has been doing everything he can to secure a steady future; he’s been learning English for the past seven years, was recognized by the Massachusetts Coalition for Adult Education as its 2017 Outstanding Student of the Year, and is just one exam away from receiving his high school diploma. But Goguette, who fled Haiti after the 2010 earthquake left him and his sons homeless, faces deportation if his Temporary Protected Status expires. “If I go back to my country without my high school diploma, I can’t do anything,” Goguette told WCBV, “I want to stay to help my sons.” Goguette won’t just face unemployment if he’s deported, but a country that is still struggling to recover from Hurricane Matthew, as Reliefweb illustrates.


Add your voice: Call your representatives and senators to urge them to support TPS for Haitians. For more information on TPS extension, please visit our website.

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Top Brockton student, Haitian dad may face deportation

Anna Burgess, The Enterprise

May 17, 2017

Haitian immigrant Cansery Goguette has dreams of becoming a police investigator.

He has spent the past seven years learning English, is one test away from his high school diploma, and on May 12 was honored by the Massachusetts Coalition for Adult Education as their 2017 Outstanding Student of the Year, the Enterprise reported.

He may never see his full educational potential realized, though.

This year, Goguette will likely be forced to return to Haiti when his Temporary Protected Status expires.


Click HERE for the original article.


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