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Unable to Enter US, Haitians Settle in Mexico

After Barack Obama tightened his stance on immigration, many Haitian migrants began to settle in Mexico, rather than attempt to cross the border. For as long as the the Trump administration remains in power, these Haitians have little hope of entering the United Statets safely. As a result, more than 4,000 Haitians have been stranded in Mexico—2,000 of them in Tijuana, where they’ve set up their own “Little Haiti”.

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Stranded Haitians settling in Tijuana

Mexico News Daily, 10 July 2017

It’s a long way from Port-au-Prince to Tijuana but little by little thousands of Haitian migrants stranded in the city are beginning to feel more at home as they put down roots and even influence the local population with their food and culture.

Around 20,000 Haitians arrived in Baja California between June and December last year and although their original goal was to reach the United States, a change in U.S. government policy prevented many from gaining entry into the country.

Consequently, at least while President Donald Trump remains in the White House, some of them plan to stay in Tijuana.

 A 2010 earthquake devastated the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince as well as other parts of the country and another natural phenomenon – Hurricane Matthew – also caused widespread damage in October 2016.

In the aftermath of the earthquake, the U.S. government established a humanitarian temporary protection program for Haitians but a hardening of the policy at the end of Barrack Obama’s term – aimed at deterring rising levels of migration from the country — left more than 4,000 stranded in Mexico.

Read the full article HERE


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