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Fr. Levêque Bien-Aimé: ‘We Are Still Waiting on U.N. to Deliver on its Promise to Cholera Victims’

Fr. Levêque Bien-Aimé urges the United Nations (U.N.) to act to eradicate the cholera epidemic that its soldiers introduced into Haiti and to compensate the victims of cholera. Fr. Levêque encourages Haitian officials at all level to support Bureau des Avocats Internationaux legal and advocacy work aiming at pressing the U.N. to deliver on the promise it made to Haitian people almost a year ago: to eradicate cholera and compensate the victims. Watch the video below:

Fr. Levêque Bien-Aimé

Mario Joseph is lawyer who has been playing an important role in the country, and we must support him, particularly in Mirebalais. Mario of Bureau des Avocats Internationaux has been fighting to force the United Nations (U.N.) to redress Haiti for the cholera disease it brought into Haiti. In Mirebalais, we are the first victims [of cholera]. Certainly, the U.N. knows it was the one that introduced the disease. It apologized, but that’s enough. It has to do reparation. They promised to give US$400 million to eradicate the disease throughout the country we are still waiting for them. So if it means to mobilize to force U.N. to compensate us, this has to be done, and to support the struggle of Mario Joseph and Bureaux des Avocats [to make sure] that this struggle bear fruit.  I believe there are Members of the Parliament and other officials here. I think they will take the message of the people to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the President for them to know that [U.N.] must redress the country… and if the money comes [sight]…

Deputy Abel Descollines

Talking about the Feast of… Deputy Abel Descolline of Mirebalis said “it’s a tradition. The tradition remains. What is the state of spirit [of the people]? The feast was beautiful, but it could have been better.

Regarding the cholera, all members of the Parliament are concerned, starting with me, the deputy [representative] of Mirebalais. I always associate myself with all choleral initiative. I believe it is the responsibility of the U.N. to remedy Haiti, particularly, people of Mirebalais and those of Plateau Central as a whole.

Deputy Gabriel Yonel Jean, Las Caobas

They [U.N.] treat us very badly, we don’t have roads. The cholera outbreak has devastated us. People are affected, and there is no one in Las Caobas that is not a victim of the cholera. We demand reparations. There should even be a proposed law [regarding cholera] just in case if the executive branch chooses not to make [cholera] a priority.

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