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Action Alert: Tell Congress to Support Senate’s $12M to Assist Cholera Victims in Haiti

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Last week, the Senate Appropriations Committee approved $12 million for the United Nations’ trust fund to assist cholera victims. Though the Trump Administration opposes the funding, it will be delivered if we convince the House of Representatives to keep it in the final Appropriations Bill.

There’s no better time to tell your Representative in Washington that HE/SHE should care about Haiti. Call your Rep today, tell HIM/HER to support the Senate Appropriations Committee $12 million to fund the U.N.’s  New Approach to Cholera in Haiti to prevent more Haitians dying from the disease. Let’s make justice happen, one phone call at a time.


Its easy! Here’s how:

1. Call your Rep’s line, or the switchboard (202) 224-3121, with your Rep’s name or your zip code.

2. Leave a voicemail message. Start with your name and city/state, so they know you are a constituent, then say something along these lines:

“I’m calling to ask Representative [NAME] to support Haiti’s cholera victims through the Appropriations Bill. The Senate version of the bill has $12 million for the U.N.’s response to cholera, please make sure that the House keeps it. Thank you!”

3. Brag about your good deed using #Time2Deliver (Optional).

4. Go back to having other kinds of fun.

10,000 Haitians have already died, and nearly 1 million have been sickened (this a conservative estimate) since the UN peacekeepers recklessly introduced cholera to Haiti in 2010. The UN has promised $400 million towards treatment, elimination and remedies. The plan will save hundreds of lives and improve tens of thousands more, but is in dire need of funding from member countries. The U.S. has yet to contribute a penny, but the Senate is working to change this. Please help them! For more info visit

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