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Councilor Paul Moïse: Cholera Continues to Kill and Sick our People

Father Ulrique Louis Jeune compliments Mario Joseph of the Bureau des Avocats Internationaux (BAI) and promises to pray for both BAI and its team who have been fighting for justice for the victims of cholera that was introduced into Haiti by United Nations peacekeeping soldiers.

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Father Ulrique Louis Jeune:

The person who is leading the fight against cholera is lawyer, Mario Joseph of the Bureau des Avocats Internationaux. They are fighting for compensation for victims of cholera. We promise him our prayers for his continued fight and that he finds other support in order for this country to be relieved.

Councilor Paul Moïse, the Chairman of the Conseil d’Administration de la Section Communal (CASEC) (the Chairman of the Board of Council of Communal Section) of Lacoline, Las Cahobas:

We are victimized by cholera in many different ways. Not only do we have people in the community presently that are infected by cholera, but because of the hospital that is here, people have come here from different areas for treatment but didn’t make it and we have to bury them here.

And sometimes the burial process is not being done properly. Therefore, the community is being victimized a second time. Sometimes when there is a funeral, you have to unbury a dead body to make it possible to bury a cholera death.

And sometimes, there’s someone that tries to make a hole to bury a body and finds a cholera victim dead in a plastic bag. That raises a huge concern in the community.

This is why we support the people who are figuring out how they can eradicatee the virus (disease) and compensate the victims. We fully support this movement.


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