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Haiti TPS Extended Until January 2020!

As a result of excellent legal developments in Ramos in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California:
1) TPS for Haiti, Sudan, Nicaragua, and El Salvador will extend into 2020 at least;
2) Those extensions are automatic without anyone with TPS from one of these four countries having to do anything or pay anyone anything at all; employers and the DMV must respect the Federal Register notices embodying these extensions.
3) Those who used to have TPS but who didn’t re-register under Trump in 2017 or 2018 out of fear, confusion, or other good cause are strongly encouraged to consider re-registering late now, because DHS has agreed to give “presumptive weight” of validity to such “late-for-good-cause” applications!  (Importantly, such late applications should be filed only after consulting and with the help of an experienced and competent immigration attorney, whether free, low-cost, or otherwise, to make sure that doing so is appropriate given the facts of each person’s own particular legal situation.) This development is good news for thousands of Haitians who let their TPS lapse in 2017 or 2018.
This excellent news is explained in detail here.
So too does this one-hour National TPS Alliance video with Ramos attorney Emi MacLean.  See the video for example at minute 27:36 (“So how does one benefit from this extension that the judge has ordered”) through minute 40:43, and at minute 48:44 et seq, e.g. at minute 51:44 that “it is illegal for the employer to not allow someone to continue to work if they present the Federal Register Notice and their expired [work] authorization card….Same thing with the Department of Motor Vehicles.  They have to accept the Federal Register Notice and your expired card as valid proof of your legal status in the U.S.”)
For more information, contact Steve Forester, IJDH Immigration Policy Coordinator,, 786 877 6999

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