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Fanmi Lavalas Press Release

Original Haitian Creole Press Release Here

Fanmi Lavalas Press Release*

April 15, 2019

Fanmi Lavalas Political Organization strongly condemns the many assassinations and
massacres that are taking place against community residents of Lasalin, Waf Jeremi,
Tokyo and other areas with the support of government representatives that began last
November and are continuing today. These actions that must revolt the conscience of
everyone in the country are taking place day and night; despite the unending cries for
help by community residents, the government has remained silent and has done nothing
to provide assistance.
Human rights organizations, civil society, the moral conscience of everyone in general
must be awakened to come together with these community residents to put an immediate
end to this intolerable situation which should not be occurring in a civilized country.
Every person is a human being, and every human being has the right to live in security
under the protection of the law, as the constitution of the country requires.
Fanmi Lavalas once again vigorously condemns this situation. We ask everyone who is
engaged in the movement to create a new model of government to be in active solidarity
with the people who are being robbed, raped, killed, and burned because we are all
human beings and we are brothers and sisters. Today it is them; if we remain silent,
tomorrow it may be worse for the residents of other neighborhoods and other parts of the
Alone we are weak,
Together we are strong
All together we are Lavalas.
Executive Committee of Fanmi Lavalas
Dr. Maryse Narcisse
Mr. Joël Vorbe
Dr. Jean Myrto Julien
Agr. Anthony Dessources
* This is an unofficial English translation by Haiti Action Committee

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