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Vital Transformative Work: Hope Amidst the Current Crisis in Haiti

Dear Friend,


I came to the Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti in December of 2017, because through my work at IJDH I am able to live out my deep, personal commitment to Haiti and her people.


I began working within the Boston Haitian community in graduate school, and was called to deepen my level of engagement through sustained culturally competent efforts. Then the January 12, 2010 earthquake hit, and nothing else mattered. Six months and a graduation later, I was in Haiti.


Nine years later I am married to a Haitian man confronting the difficulties of living in this country as a black immigrant.

We have three wonderful Haitian-American children and together we are doing our best to reconcile the plenty of life in the U.S. with the hunger and limited access to education, healthcare, and clean water faced by our family and loved ones in Haiti.


I am frustrated by the injustice faced by Haitians in Haiti and the U.S., but I am equally confident that the work of IJDH and the Bureau des Avocats Internationaux (BAI) is making transformative change in Haiti by empowering Haitians to insist that their government and the international community respect their rights.

I am also hopeful about the current crisis in Haiti, as Haitians have taken to the streets to protest government corruption and impunity in a way that evokes their proud history of revolution and promises to force their government to become more accountable and honest. I am proud that BAI and IJDH are able to support this movement by freeing arrested protestors, explaining the crisis to the international community and inserting human rights priorities into the movement.


Most of all, I am deeply grateful that you and so many others who share my commitment to Haiti have made this vital transformative work possible. Please keep us going, and show your support at a critical time with a nontaxable donation to IJDH today by check, online, or on Facebook.


In solidarity,

Sarah Candio, Development and Operations Manager

Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti

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