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Haiti’s Housing and Eviction Crisis Housing After the earthquake of January 12th, over 2 million survivors sought refuge in camps constructed on available open land. There are an estimated 1,000 camps in Port au Prince alone. Living conditions in the camps are horrible. Many people have very little access to food, potable water, sanitation services or secure housing. By mid-April, thousands of residents of these encampments had been threatened or forcibly evicted by the Haitian government and private land owners. As an interim solution to the humanitarian crisis, the United Nations helped negotiate a 3-week moratorium on evictions with the Haitian government, which ended May 13. Within that period reports of evictions continued, and still continue to this day.


Grassroots Organizing includes partnering with grassroots groups in Haiti and international allies to support internally displaced communities fight against unlawful eviction and advocate for their right to housing.
Legal Advocacy includes investigating cases of wrongful evictions and other housing violations to bring justice in Haitian courts and international forums. IJDH, in collaboration with a team of Haitian and international human rights and housing lawyers, is preparing a petition before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) against the Haitian government on behalf of Haitians who have been threatened with or forcibly evicted from internal displacement camps. IJDH will work with grassroots organizers to implement and enforce human rights awards through the Haitian government, private land owners and UN-based bodies. NP+BC+man camp
Public Advocacy includes shaping the debate on the housing rights of poor and internally displaced Haitians, both in Haiti and abroad. Advocacy will highlight the vulnerability of women, children, the elderly, and the disabled to abuses. Advocacy will also include legislative advocacy, media campaigns and demonstrations.

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Enforcing Remedies from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights: Forced Evictions and Post-Earthquake Haiti, Nicole Phillips et al. 2011
This video was produced for a hearing on forced evictions before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in October 2010. IJDH-BAI and our partners won the hearing and the Commission recommended that the Government of Haiti stop all evictions from Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps immediately.

Thematic Hearing

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Housing Surveys and Reports

Surveys indicate earthquake victims who received housing subsidies under Haitian government’s housing program are still in crisis one year later, IJDH, January 2014
Emergency and Transitional Shelter Provision Flawed, New Evaluation Shows,  CEPR, December 2011
HAITI’S HOUSING CRISIS: Results of a Household Survey on the Progress of President Michel Martelly’s 100-Day Plan to Close Six IDP Camps, IJDH/BAI, USF School of Law, 2011
Haiti’s Housing Crisis: Human rights investigation finds President Michel Martelly’s 100-day housing plan delivered no improvement in Haiti’s tent camps (press release), IJDH/BAI, USF School of Law, 2011
“We’ve Been Forgotten”: Conditions in Haiti’s Displacement Camps Eight Months After the Earthquake, IJDH, September 2010
Neglect in the Encamp­ments: Haiti’s Sec­ond Wave Human­i­tar­ian Dis­as­ter, IJDH et al. March 2010
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