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Aid to Haiti slow in coming

Philadelphia Inquirer Editorial Of all the things Haiti’s earthquake victims are running out of, patience may be the most important. This destitute country has endured the consequences of revolution and the abuse of dictators. Now it is struggling mightily to recover from the Jan. 12 temblor that left 300,000 dead and more than a million people homeless. The frustrations of the survivors, many of them recovering from loss of limbs and other injuries, are chronicled in letters placed in suggestion boxes installed at homeless camps by the International Organization for Migration. “Please, do something,” pleaded a woman in one of the letters recently published in the New York Times. “We don’t want to die of hunger and also we want to send our children to school.” “I gave birth six months ago, the baby died, I have six other children, […]

Event: Strategies for Change in Haiti: Tackling the Challenges of Gender Based Violence in Post-earthquake Haiti

IJDH event tonight, September 13, 2010,  in New York: Strategies for Change in Haiti: Tackling the Challenges of Gender Based Violence in Post-earthquake Haiti Who: New York University School of Law Center for Human Rights and Global Justice Presents: Brian Concannon, Director, Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti (IJDH) Eramithe Delva, Founding member of KOFAVIV (Komisyon Fanm Viktim pou Viktim, The Commission of Women Victims for Victims) Emily Jacobi, Co-director of Digital Democracy Margaret Satterthwaite, Faculty Director, CHRGJ; Assistant Professor of Clinical Law of the Global Justice Clinic, NYU School of Law Margarette Tropnas, Executive Director, Dwa Fanm What: A multi-disciplinary panel discussion about gender based violence in Haiti as the country works to rebuild itself after the devastating earthquake of January 2010. Where: New York University, Furman Hall 212 When: Monday, September 13, 2010 from 6-8pm Click here […]

IJDH and Partner Organizations Urge Secretary Clinton to Support the Haitian Government in Ensuring that Elections are “Free, Fair and Inclusive”

“We, the undersigned organizations and individuals, are writing to urge the U.S. government to work with the Haitian government and international partners to ensure that Haiti’s upcoming elections are free, fair and inclusive.” Click HERE to See Full PDF

A family together again: Immigration snags kept girl waiting in Haiti

By Maria Sacchetti, The Boston Globe PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — On a steamy afternoon last month, Harry Emile entered the darkened foyer of a battered concrete house near the presidential palace. The house had been deemed safe enough to live in, but electricity was still scarce. He climbed the stairs past jagged cracks in the walls, to a second-floor living room, where his 3-year-old daughter Abby waited. She wore a T-shirt saying in English that “my heart belongs to dad.’’ Tears sprang to his eyes and he smiled broadly at her, arms extended. Abby did not recognize him. “Harry,’’ he said, pointing at himself. The girl clung to Yvon Daguilh, her uncle, a rough-hewn man who was one of her caretakers for the past seven months. “You don’t remember me, my love?’’ Harry said. “Your mother gave me something to give […]

Billions of dollars promised for Haiti fail to materialize

By Isabel MacDonald, Academics, authors and activists from around the world are proposing a bold solution to the shortfall Nearly seven months after a devastating earthquake killed upwards of 250,000 people in Haiti, UN special envoy to Haiti Bill Clinton told Associated Press on Aug. 6 that international donors have yet to make good on their promises of billions of dollars to help the country rebuild. Haiti’s rebuilding could cost $14 billion, according to a recent Inter-American Development Bank study. Yet only “five countries — Brazil, Norway, Australia, Colombia and Estonia — have so far provided $506 million, less than 10 per cent of the $5.3 billion pledged for Haiti at a March donors’ conference,” according to an Aug. 6 AP article. Today, dozens of leading academics, authors and activists from around the world proposed a bold solution to […]

Half-Hour for Haiti Action Alert: Summer Reading

Half-Hour for Haiti Action Alert: Summer Reading August 12, 2010 Be Part of the Solution for Haiti: Make a Difference in Half an Hour a Week   Updates Thank you to everyone who participated in our last action calling for an end to forced evictions of the internally displaced, we received over 1,000 signatures and it has provided a platform for continued advocacy. The last two months have been busy for IJDH. Our headquarters officially moved to Boston, we launched two new projects addressing gender-based violence and violations of the right to housing, and conducted a follow-up survey of camp conditions with a delegation of students from the University of San Francisco. We are particularly excited about our newly formed partnership with the Goldin Institute on the Rape Accountability and Prevention Project, which has allowed us to staff the Project with […]

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