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Children of the Quake: Young survivors learn in a new land

By Tara W. Merrigan, Dorchester Reporter Children of the Quake: Sherline Gustave, 18, survived Haiti’s Jan. 12 earthquake and joined family to live in Boston in February. She is one of many Haitian nationals now learning English through a special Boston Public School program. She is pictured above in a classroom at Hyde Park High School. Photo by Tara Merrigan Sherline Gustave, 18, slept on the streets of Port-au-Prince for weeks after January’s earthquake leveled her family’s home. “I felt the house shaking and it crumbled just as my family and I got outside,” said Gustave in her native Haitian Creole—translated to English by her teacher, Evelyn Prophete. “We [Gustave and her family members] were sleeping out in the street in the sun and even in the rain. Hoping to find a better life, Gustave and her sisters emigrated from […]

Haiti: Frozen in Time

By Sasha Kramer, CounterPunch Six months later and sometimes it feels like we will be stuck in January 2010 forever. It as if we are frozen in time, looking out on the hillsides covered with tents. Every once in a while we will notice a change, like the empty space where the church used to be on Delmas 53. For years I would stay in the hotel across the street and be awakened by singing from that church. In January, when I returned to the hotel, the church was a mound of cement and twisted iron with a cross that dangled precariously into the street. Now there is just a hole, an empty space that still echoes with the voices of the choir. Sometimes we notice the ever growing piles of rubble that spill out into the street as people […]

Haiti at a Crossroads (U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations)

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RNDDH sounds the alarm on the situation of minors in conflict with the Law.

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Une Activiste des droits de la femme Haïtienne quitte le camp de déplacement pour donner un testament devant le Conseil des droits Humains des Nations Unis. (French)

Click here to iew the original:”] Pour Publication Immediate: Contactes: New York: Yifat Susskind, Policy and Communications Director, MADRE (available through Diana Duarte, Media Coordinator, MADRE) (212) 627-0444; email: Geneva: Malya Villard-Appolon (available through Lisa Davis, Human Rights Attorney, MADRE) email: Geneva: Blaine Bookey, Attorney, Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti (415) 515-8956 (US number in Geneva); email:   Une Activiste des droits de la femme Haïtienne quitte le camp de déplacement pour donner un testament devant le Conseil des droits Humains des Nations Unis.   Juin 7th, 2010- Genève, Suisse- Aujourd’hui, Pendant que le conseil des droits de l’homme des Nations Unis se rassemble à Genève, ses représentants vont entendre le testament de Malya Villard-Appolon, Une Haïtienne activiste pour les droits de la femme et partenaire de MADRE qui a vécue dans les camps […]

What Would ‘Another Haiti’ Look Like? Haitian Views on Their Country’s Future

By Beverly Bell, Huffington Post A slogan of Haiti’s popular movement – a grouping of many organized sectors, from community-based journalists, to cooperative street vendors, to children’s rights advocates – is ‘Another Haiti Is Possible.’ Most Haitians we speak with, whatever their sector or political persuasion, have very clear ideas of what a different Haiti could look like and what would be required for its construction. Here are some of those ideas. Jean Jores Pierre is student of economics at the State University of Haiti and an intern at a policy advocacy organization. An orphan, when Jores’ home collapsed in the earthquake, he began sleeping in a tent in the yard outside the office of his organization. He is now living with relatives in Port-au-Prince. The catastrophe of January 12 showed clearly how poorly the country has been managed. At […]

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