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Canada donne à Haïti pour la réinstallation des familles déplacées

Le Ministère canadien des Affaires étrangères du Commerce et du Développement a donné 20 millions de dollars canadiens pour réinstaller des familles vivant dans 60 sites prioritaires de Port-au-Prince. Haïti – Social : 20 millions du Canada pour le relogement de 16,000 familles déplacées HaitiLibre January 25, 2014  L’Organisation Internationale pour les Migrations (OIM) en Haïti, a reçu 20 millions de dollars canadiens (± 18 millions USD) en nouveau financement, du Ministère canadien des Affaires étrangères du Commerce et du Développement (MAECD), pour aider au retour volontaire et la réinstallation d’environ 16,000 ménage déplacés vivant dans 60 sites prioritaires. Situé dans la zone métropolitaine de Port-au-Prince, les camps sélectionnés sont ceux à risque environnemental élevé, sous la menace d’une expulsion ou situés dans les écoles, empêchant l’accès aux classes pour les étudiants. Le financement canadien permettra à l’OIM d’aider quelque […]

Amnesty International Worldwide Accelerated Response Network (WARN) alert

COUNTRY: HAITI NAME(S): Families living in the informal settlement of Canaan, on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince. DETAILS OF SITUATION: Several hundred families living in an informal settlement known as Canaan on the outskirts of the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince are at risk of imminent forced eviction. An individual who lays claim to 56 hectares of land there, stated on 22 January that he would evict everyone living there in 48 hours. It is believed that he is not in possession of an eviction order, and the residents have not been directly informed of his intention to evict them. The same individual instigated the forced eviction of more than 200 families between 7 and 10 December 2013 in the sector of Titanyen in Canaan. Although there was apparently a court order, it was a forced eviction as the order was only against […]

Housing Subsidies, Reconstruction Didn’t Benefit Poor Haitians

Although there are lots of new buildings and a lot of construction going on all over Haiti, those living in the slums benefit none of it.  Although many received subsidies so they could move out of tents in Port-au-Prince parks and public areas, the money quickly ran out and their situations haven’t improved. Haitian earthquake: Daunting challenges remain four years after disaster Nation rebuilding has begun, Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe says, but more money is needed for progress to continue. Catherine Porter, Toronto Star January 12, 2014 PORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI—This city is a totally different place that it was four years ago today, when one of the world’s worst natural disasters hit it: a 7.0-magnitudeearthquake that shattered thousands of buildings and killed up to 300,000 people. In fact, some afternoons looking out the car window as I drive around, I can forget […]

Reconstruction & Hope in Canaan Four Years Post-Quake

Canaan, a city that sprung up on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince after the earthquake, risks ending up like the rest of the unstable buildings that collapsed so easily in the 2010 quake. The Haitian government housing director, USAID and others who recognize the problem hope to come up with solutions and reconstruct soon.  This article also cites IJDH’s report on the 16/6 Housing plan, found HERE. Four years after the earthquake, Haiti looks to turn disaster into promise Jacqueline Charles, Miami Herald January 11, 2014 CANAAN, Haiti — The sun-baked cinderblocks in Claude Saint-Elys’ dirt yard are an eroding reminder of the dream: a two-bedroom house with enough room for him, his wife and five surviving children. “We have rocks and blocks. That’s it,” Saint-Elys, who lost his 5-year-old son in the Jan. 12, 2010 earthquake, said about building his dream […]

Fact Sheet on Haiti’s Housing Crisis

Below is an excerpt from this document. Click HERE for the full version. January 6, 2014 Summary of Findings in Long-Term Assessment of Haitian Government’s 16/6 Housing Plan for Earthquake Victims A recent survey conducted by the Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti (IJDH) and the Bureau des Avocats Internationaux (BAI) indicates that victims of Haiti’s January 12, 2010 earthquake who received cash rental subsidies under the Haitian government’s 16/6 housing plan face another housing crisis as their aid money runs out.  The survey also found that most aid recipients’ standard of living is worse now than before the earthquake. Methodology: With the help of students from the Haiti Education & Leadership Program (HELP) and Fordham Law School, IJDH and  BAI conducted a long-term study of the sustainability and effectiveness of the 16/6 plan, which was implemented by the International Organization on Migration […]

Attacks on Camp Mozayik

On December 7, 2013, the people of the Mozayik community in Canaan, Haiti were violently evicted from their makeshift homes.  Haitian police beat many of them, including a pregnant woman, and later came back with bulldozers to finish destroying the homes. “Mozayik” is a 31-minute documentary about the people of the Mozayik community, their eviction in May 2012 and their resettlement into Canaan: This 5-minute video was taken the day the police came to evict Mozayik residents.  In the comments, Mona Augustin (community leader) asks for justice and reparations for the residents: This 46-second video features testimonies of people living in Mozayik, the day after bulldozers were used to destroy their homes: Click HERE to find out how you can help prevent such evictions in the future.

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