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US Discriminatory Immigration Policies Toward Haitians

by Stephen Lendman Atlantic Free Press It’s a familiar story for Haitians – last in, first out for the hemisphere’s poorest, least wanted, and most abused people here and at home. Most recently it was highlighted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials announcing the resumption of over 30,000 deportations to a nation reeling from poverty, repression, despair, the devastation from last summer’s storms, and occupation by UN paramilitary Blue Helmets – since 2004, illegally there for the first time ever to support and enforce a coup d’etat against a democratically elected president, at the behest of Washington. On December 9, ICE resumed deportations after halting them in September following summer storms that battered the country leaving 800,000 people without food, clean water, other essentials, and for around 70,000 their homes. ICE spokeswoman Nicole Navas announced: “We fully expected […]

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Responds on TPS for Haiti

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Responds on TPS for Haiti, February 25, 2009 Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center (FIAC) Letter to Secretary Napolitano January 26, 2009 ICE Response to FIAC February 25, 2009

Letter to Department of Homeland Security Demanding Equal Rights for Haitians

From the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network Dear Deputy Assistant Secretary Esther Olavarria, The Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network, a Haitian-led, Haitian capacity building organization, dedicated to protecting the civil, human, economic and cultural rights of Haitians living at home and broad, takes this moment to congratulation you, on being appointed, by Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, to be the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy to shape the Obama Administration’s immigration policy. Ms. Olavarria, as co-founder of the Florida Immigration Advocacy Center and a lawyer who started her career, over 20-years ago, at the Haitian Refugee Center in Miami at the height of the struggle for Haitian refugee rights, we know we do not need to underscore for you, in any great detail, the unfair treatment of Haitian refugees and asylum seekers in the U.S. and the current Haitian desire for a […]

Haiti: Access to power and activities of members of the Lavalas Family (Fanmi Lavalas) party; situation of members of the Lavalas Family movement; protection available to them (2005 – January 2009)

By Research Directorate, Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada Two media sources report that, on 16 December 2008, the 18th anniversary of Jean-Bertrand Aristide’s election as president, his supporters held a demonstration in the capital during which some of the demonstrators threw projectiles at police officers (El Heraldo 16 Dec. 2008; Radio Kiskeya 16 Dec. 2008). The demonstrators were calling for the return of Aristide to Haiti and they accused President René Préval of [translation] “not honouring his promise to bring back Aristide, a commitment that he reportedly made during the 2006 elections” (ibid.). On 4 November 2008, members of the Lavalas Family political party and its supporters celebrated the organization’s 12th anniversary (Haiti Press Network 4 Nov. 2008). The two Lavalas Family branches celebrated this event separately (ibid.). One branch is headed by Senator Rudy Hérivaux and Maryse Narcisse, […]

Haitian Deportations Slide Under Obama’s Radar (Miami Herald)

By: Myriam Marquez Barack Obama becomes president, and Haitians with deportation orders are put on notice: You’re outta here! Louiness Petit-Frere, a 31-year-old baker with no family left in Haiti and whose mother and siblings have legal U.S. status — including a U.S. Marine brother who served two tours in Iraq — was put on a flight on Friday. Vialine Jean Paul, 34, married to a U.S. citizen and with a 7-year-old American-born daughter being treated for a chronic viral infection, was notified that she needs to buy her plane ticket back to Haiti this week, having lost her appeal for asylum in 2001. Her choice: Leave behind her little girl or take the sick child to a storm-ravaged country where polluted flood waters have left thousands at risk of malaria, hepatitis and cholera and 300,000 children facing malnutrition. Immigration […]

Commentary: Haitians snubbed again in bid for TPS

Miami Herald Editorial The Bush administration continued its policy of cruelty and bias to Haitians with the recent rejection of President Rene Preval’s request that undocumented Haitians be allowed to remain in the United States until their country recovers from last summer’s devastating storms. In a Dec. 19 letter to Preval, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff acknowledged that the four storms that drowned low-lying parts of Haiti in mud and misery had been “severe.” He reminded Preval of the tons of humanitarian relief supplies the United States has sent, including “food, water, bed linens, medical supplies, hygienic items and clothing” to help the country get back on its feet. In the end, though, the rules for granting Haitians Temporary Protected Status are just too narrow, and Haitians don’t qualify, Chertoff said. The rules were not so narrow in 1998 when […]

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