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Half-Hour for Haiti: Support Fair Treatment for Haitians in the U.S.

Jan 24, 2007 Update: Thanks to everyone who wrote to the U.S. Congress about H.R. 351, the TRUTH Act. We don’t have an update on co-sponsors, we hope to have that next week. Coming Attractions: Haiti’s Fondation Trente Septembre, is looking for planned local activities for the International Day in Solidarity with the People of Haiti. For more information, contact Dave Welsh at 510-847-8657, or The Haiti Reborn Program will have a week of activities in its annual Haiti Solidarity Week February 3-10, 2007. Haiti Reborn is also looking for people to coordinate local events, contact Tom Ricker,, (301) 699-0042. This Week’s Action: is from FANM Ayisyen Nan Miyami, Inc. – Haitian Women of Miami (FANM) and the Haitian-American Grassroots Coalition (HAGC), both of which follow Haitian immigration issues carefully, in support of a bill filed last week […]

Haiti Prison Ailment Traced to U.S. Rice

By Jeb Sprague , Haitianalysis Jan 17, 2007 HAITI: Mysterious Prison Ailment Traced to U.S. Rice Jeb Sprague and Eunida Alexandra* NEW YORK, Jan 17 (IPS) – A newly released investigation into the deadly scourge of Beri-beri in Haiti’s National Penitentiary uncovered evidence that the clash between the manufacturing process used in U.S. processed rice and the traditional Haitian rice cooking method has been killing poor young men behind bars and leaving others morbidly ill. By early 2006, firefights brought on by Haitian National Police and United Nations incursions into the capital’s poorest neighborhoods had become commonplace. The raids, deemed “operations” by authorities, and reportedly designed to flush out criminal gangs, often resulted in high civilian causalities. In a recent scientific study in the British medical journal The Lancet, done through random spatial sampling, it was estimated that 8,000 people were killed in […]

In Haiti, UN recovers 2 high-powered weapons taken during attack

The Associated Press January 12, 2007 PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti Residents of a gang-controlled slum surrendered two high-powered rifles Friday, three weeks after the weapons were removed from a U.N. armored personnel carrier that came under attack. U.N. peacekeepers were driving through the seaside Cite Soleil slum on Dec. 21 when their vehicle broke down. The troops tried to fix it but came under heavy fire from unknown assailants and fled in another armored vehicle. U.N. troops and Haitian police raided the slum the next day in a previously planned operation and killed at least six people. They found the abandoned armored vehicle burned and stripped of its M-50 assault rifle and another large caliber firearm. In a brief hand-over Friday, the 4-foot-long (1.2-meter-long) weapons were loaded onto a pickup truck and taken to a U.N. base under escort by Filipino peacekeepers […]

Half-Hour for Haiti: Write to MINUSTAH re: December 22 Shootings

Update: The new U.S. Congress took office last week, with a mandate to investigate and correct the current Administration�s foreign policy. We expect that several Haiti bills will be introduced soon, perhaps starting the end of this week. We�ve identified 4 main priorities, based on discussions with activists in Haiti and the US and with Congressional staffers, and responses to Haiti JusticeBlog postings. They are: a) Debt relief; b) Immigration Reform; c) the TRUTH Act (investigation of the US role in the 2/29/04 coup d�etat); and d) Depoliticization of US aid to Haiti. We hope get a discussion going on these priorities with a series of articles on the Haiti JusticeBlog, one for each priority. Part I, on debt relief is up, please join the discussion by posting a comment on the blog. We�ll post Part II, on Immigration Reform, […]

Warrant is issued for Haitian Police Chief, Reuters, November 3, 2006

BYLINE: Reuters DATELINE: PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti, Nov. 3 BODY: A judge said Friday that he had ordered a top Haitian police chief arrested on suspicion of conspiring with kidnappers. Judge Napela Saintil said a warrant for the arrest of the chief, Inspector General Michael Lucius, was now in the hands of a prosecutor because he had ignored a summons. Mr. Lucius, barred from leaving Haiti, is in charge of units fighting organized crime and is the lead officer in the fight against kidnapping, drugs and gangs. He has denied accusations of having ties to kidnappers. ”I am ready to appear before a judge, but not Napela Saintil because he is biased against me,” he said. Mr. Lucius has not gone into hiding and travels around Port-au-Prince surrounded by police guards. Haiti’s police force is riddled with corruption and poorly equipped. Several […]

Torture lawsuit halts Lotto winnings – The human rights case of a former Haitian army colonel, dismissed two years ago, is back in federal court in Miami as those who accuse him of torture seek the ex-officer’s Lotto winnings.

BY Alfonso Chardy, Miami Herald March 31,  2006 Every year Carl Dorelien looked forward to May 15. That’s when the Florida Lottery paid his annual $159,000 installment from a $3.2 million Lotto jackpot the won in 1997. But he’s no longer getting the money. A state judge has frozen Dorelien’s winnings in connection with a lawsuit from the Center for Justice & Accountability, a San Francisco-based human rights organization that targets foreign-born torture suspects who live or have lived in the United States. Dorelien, a former Haitian army colonel, was deported in 2003 after an immigration judge found him to be a human rights violator. He was the highest-ranking military officer expelled from the United States since former Argentine Gen. Carlos Guillermo Suárez Masón was extradited in 1988. Now the Dorelien case is back in federal court in Miami, which will determine later this year whether he’s liable for the 1994 […]

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