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Torture lawsuit halts Lotto winnings – The human rights case of a former Haitian army colonel, dismissed two years ago, is back in federal court in Miami as those who accuse him of torture seek the ex-officer’s Lotto winnings.

BY Alfonso Chardy, Miami Herald March 31,  2006 Every year Carl Dorelien looked forward to May 15. That’s when the Florida Lottery paid his annual $159,000 installment from a $3.2 million Lotto jackpot the won in 1997. But he’s no longer getting the money. A state judge has frozen Dorelien’s winnings in connection with a lawsuit from the Center for Justice & Accountability, a San Francisco-based human rights organization that targets foreign-born torture suspects who live or have lived in the United States. Dorelien, a former Haitian army colonel, was deported in 2003 after an immigration judge found him to be a human rights violator. He was the highest-ranking military officer expelled from the United States since former Argentine Gen. Carlos Guillermo Suárez Masón was extradited in 1988. Now the Dorelien case is back in federal court in Miami, which will determine later this year whether he’s liable for the 1994 […]

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