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Time for Lula to Stop Doing Bush’s Dirty Work in Haiti

“They Came Here to Terrorize the Population” Time for Lula to Stop Doing Bush’s Dirty Work in Haiti By BEN TERRALL When Brazilian President Luiz In�cio Lula da Silva, better known as “Lula”, visits Washington on March 31, he will likely spend most of his time with President Bush discussing ethanol, a relatively safe subject for the two leaders. Earlier this month, Brazil and the United States, the world’s two top ethanol producers, announced the creation of an international forum to help turn biofuels into a globally traded commodity. Brazil, unlike the U.S., has spent thirty years developing its ethanol technology, and is producing a surplus of a sugar-based version of that fuel. Lula has been criticized for following the Bush Administration on foreign trade policy, but he may be in even more hot water for following Bush on a […]

The Response to Violence Against Women in Haiti (French) (MCFDF)

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Half-Hour for Haiti : Make a Call Worth $138 Million For Haiti

March 28, 2007Half-Hour for Haiti:  Make a Call Worth $138 Million For Haiti Update: First, welcome to everyone who has recently joined the Half-Hour for Haiti community. Thanks to everyone who filled out our evaluation last week (there’s still time, click here). We’ll work on implementing your suggestions for improvement. Please be patient- some good ideas will require us to upgrade our technical skills; sometimes the recommendations conflicted each other. But we’ll do our best! Coming Attractions:  Tomorrow, March 29, is the 30th anniversary of Haiti’s Constitution. Several grassroots groups will protest at the National Palace for the full implementation of the Constitution.  We hope to have photos and a report-back tomorrow on the Haiti Justice Blog. The Latin America Solidarity Coalition Conference in Chicago, April 13-15, will include several Haiti activities, including workshops on bringing Haiti into the mainstream […]

Half-Hour for Haiti: How Are We Doing?

March 20, 2007 Update: Thanks to everyone who urged the U.S. Congress to break the chains of Haiti�s Debt. Over the weekend, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) took a step in the right direction by announcing $423 million in debt relief for Haiti, eventually. This is a step in the right direction, but it will take too much time, during which too many Haitian kids will die of preventable diseases. That�s why the Haiti Debt Relief Bill, which calls for immediate, unconditional debt cancellation, is so important.� For more, click here. Coming Attractions: Haitian human rights lawyer Mario Joseph and IJDH�s Brian Concannon will speak in Minneapolis on March 22, and in Milwaukee on� March 24. Also on March 24 in Milwaukee, Mario and Brian will join Loune Viaud of Partners In Health (PIH), Monika Kalra Varma of the RFK […]

Debt Relief Cleared for Latin Nations

Debt Relief Cleared for Latin Nations Emad Mekay WASHINGTON, Mar 16 (IPS) – The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) said Friday it will cancel 4.4 billion dollars in debt and interest owed by five of Latin America and the Caribbean’s poorest countries. “This decision represents a historic opportunity for a fresh start for Bolivia, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras and Nicaragua,” said IDB President Luis Alberto Moreno. The Washington-based Bank says its initiative involves scaling back 100 percent of loans outstanding as of Dec. 31, 2004. The freed-up money will be diverted for needed health care, education and infrastructure development in the impoverished region, it said. The agreement includes provisions that would also guarantee five other low-income countries — Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Paraguay and Suriname — access to 250 million dollars a year in easy-term loans. The IDB will forgive approximately 3.4 […]

Haiti: The Damage Done

Part II of an Interview with Brian Concannon. By Darren Ell, The Dominion March 15, 2007 The Dominion –   MINUSTAH is not aiding progress in Haiti, says Brian Concannon, but hindering it. Photo: Joseph Wenkoff � Read Part I of this interview. Brian Concannon is the director of the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti (IJDH), He founded IJDH after the 2004 Canada-US-France coup d��tat that ousted Haiti�s democratically elected president Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Concannon formerly co-directed the Bureau des Avocats Internationaux (BAI) , the most prominent legal group prosecuting human rights cases in Haiti, and worked for MICIVIH, a UN human rights mission in Haiti. Darren Ell interviewed him in the offices of the BAI in Port-au-Prince on February 28, 2007, the third anniversary of the 2004 overthrow of democratically elected president Jean-Bertrand Aristide. For a timeline […]

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