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Human Rights Abuses in Haiti (UN)

From the United Nations General Assembly Human Rights Council Written statement submitted by the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), a non-governmental organization in special consultative status. [gview file=””]

Half-Hour for Haiti : Haiti’s Forgotten Political Prisoners

June 6, 2007Half-Hour for Haiti: Haiti’s Forgotten Political PrisonersUpdate: Sorry we missed last week’s alert- we had a busy travel schedule. Our travels did bear some fruit: on May 22, Judge Abraham Gerges of New York threw out the favorable plea agreement for former Haitian death squad leader Emmanuel Constant and reinstated all charges against him. The judge based his decision on evidence submitted by The Center for Constitutional Rights, The Center for Justice & Accountability, and the Bureau des Avocats Internationaux on Constant’s human rights violations in Haiti. Judge Gerges called the Department of Homeland Security’s request for Constant to be sentenced to time-served (10 months) “a travesty.”  The judge noted that he had “received hundreds of faxes from various individuals.” So mesi anpil (thanks a lot) to everyone who pitched in on that! To read the decision, press […]

Haiti, We’re Sorry

By Deniece Alleyne LL.B Not that long ago I had the opportunity of speaking with some Haitian migrants who had been dropped off at various points around the island. I am fairly fluent in the French language and I wanted to interview them about their experiences as migrants generally and about their treatment in St. Kitts in particular. Their story was painful in its ordinariness. None had intended to come to St. Kitts but had been deceived by unscrupulous human traffickers to whom they had paid substantial sums. They were seeking relief; from hunger, homelessness and lack of opportunity. They were seeking a better life. Theirs was a story common to us here in St. Kitts and throughout the Caribbean. All of us either know persons or are persons who have migrated to other Caribbean countries, the USA, Canada or […]

Study: Miami Judges Far Less Likely to Grant Asylum (The Associated Press)

Associated Press staff MIAMI- Immigration judges here are far less likely to grant asylum to refugees than their peers in other major U.S. cities, a national study found. The study released this week by three law professors, two from Georgetown University and one from Temple University, found Miami’s 21 immigration judges granted 23 percent of the asylum requests before them. The national average was 40 percent. Those seeking asylum from Haiti fared even worse in Miami, according to the study, with 15 percent having their requests approved. The report’s authors called the findings troubling and noted remarkable variation in decisions, even among judges in the same court. “Whether an asylum applicant is able to live safely in the United States or is deported to a country in which he claims to fear persecution is very seriously influenced by a spin […]

Miami Judges Tougher on Asylum Cases (Miami Herald)

By Lesley Clark, Miami Herald Where asylum seekers live may play a role in whether they are allowed to stay in the United States, a study shows. Immigration judges in Miami are about half as likely on average to grant asylum to refugees as their peers in 14 other U.S. cities, according to a national study that identified ”amazing disparities” in the handling of immigration cases. The study, which analyzed 140,000 decisions by 225 immigration judges and took particular aim at the nation’s busiest courts, found that Miami’s 21 immigration judges on average granted 23 percent of the requests that came before them. The national rate was 40 percent. Haitian asylum seekers — the top nationality by volume in Miami — fared even worse: 15 percent were granted asylum, according to figures provided by one of the study’s authors. Asylum […]

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