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Haiti: the Damage Done

Part I of an Interview with Brian Concannon by Darren Ell The Dominion –   The 2004 coup reversed years of progress in Haiti. Photo: Joseph Wenkoff � Brian Concannon is the director of the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti (IJDH). He founded IJDH after the 2004 Canada-US-France coup d��tat that ousted Haiti�s democratically elected president Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Concannon formerly co-directed the Bureau des Avocats Internationaux (BAI) , the most prominent legal group prosecuting human rights cases in Haiti, and worked for MICIVIH, a UN human rights mission in Haiti. Darren Ell interviewed him in the offices of the BAI in Port-au-Prince on February 28, 2007, the third anniversary of the 2004 overthrow of democratically elected president Jean-Bertrand Aristide. For a timeline documenting Canada�s involvement in Haiti since 2000, read this. Darren Ell: Why did you create […]

Interview With So Ann

Africa Today – March 12, 2007 [] So Ann, former Haitian political prisoner and Pierre Labossiere, Haiti Action Network; Christine Nyanda Chacha and Dr. Charangi of African Immigrant Social and Cultural Services, hosted by Walter Turner

Influx of deportees stirs anger in Haiti (The Boston Globe)

By Amy Bracken, The Boston Globe Some believe US policy helped boost crime rate Harry Desiré helped found Alternative Chance, a criminal deportee advocacy organization, after he was deported to Haiti. Desiré spent five years in New York State prisons. (Michelle Karshan for the Boston Globe) PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — As the Haitian government struggles to bring security to its chaotic capital, many Haitians say the United States is aggravating the crime problem by quadrupling the number of criminal deportees to their native country. Tensions have risen after a recent wave of kidnappings and high-profile slayings in Port-au-Prince, including the abduction, torture, and killing of a 20-year-old woman studying to be a teacher. It was in the midst of this rash of violent crime that the United States increased the deportation of Haitians, both illegal immigrants and legal-resident criminals who had […]

Former Minister of Justice Criticizes Unconstitutional Supreme Court Judges

AHP News – March 9, 2007 – English translation (Unofficial)� � A former Justice Minister denounces the fact that the Supreme Court is functioning with illegal members under a constitutionally elected government � � Port-au-Prince, March 9, 2007 (AHP)- Former Justice Minister� Camille Leblanc asserted Friday that some of the current membership of the country’s high court, the Court of Cassation, do not have a legal mandate because the procedures employed to name several of the court’s members did not comply with requirements of the Haitian Constitutions. � Judges on the Court of Cassation were named by de facto President Boniface Alexandre and as a result do not have a legal mandate, according to Mr. Leblanc. � The former Justice Minister urged that this situation be corrected through the submission of the names of these judges to the Haitian Parliament […]

Half-Hour for Haiti: Support Women Victims of Political Persecution

March 8, 2007 Update: Sorry we missed last week�s alert. I was running around Haiti, meeting with activists in Haiti and participating in the Commemoration of the third anniversary of the February 29 Coup d’etat, which included a demonstration that started at the U.S. Embassy and ended at the National Palace. There was a follow-up demonstration yesterday at the French Embassy. Good news in the case against Carl Dorelien, a Colonel on the High Command in charge of personnel during the 1991-1994 de facto dictatorship, and Florida Lottery Megabucks winner. On February 23, a jury in Miami ordered Dorelien to pay $3.2 million to two victims of the de facto regime, labor leader Lexiuste Cajuste, who was brutally tortured in October 1993, and the family of Michel Pierre, who was killed during the April 1994 Raboteau Massacre. �For details click […]

Poor Residents of Capitol Describe UN State of Siege

HAITI: Poor Residents of Capital Describe a State of Siege By Wadner Pierre and Jeb Sprague Funeral for victims of MINUSTAH assault in the Bois Neuf district of Cit�-Soleil, January 2007. Credit:Wadner Pierre PORT-AU-PRINCE, Feb 28 (IPS) – Nearly two months since U.N. troops began launching heavy attacks that they say are aimed against gang members in poor neighbourhoods of Port-au-Prince, roadblocks and barbed wire remain in place and the atmosphere is grim. Mercius Lubin of the Boston district of Cit� Soleil told IPS that an assault earlier this month left his only two children dead. “It is the noise of MINUSTAH’s (the U.N. peacekeeping force) fire that awoke us.” It was about 11 p.m. on Feb. 1, he said, and the family was sleeping on the floor because U.N. soldiers had advised everyone in the area to do so. […]

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