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Bush Chides Haiti’s President over Chavez ties

Bush chides Haiti’s president over Chavez ties By Pablo Bachelet McClatchy Newspapers (MCT) WASHINGTON – President Bush gently rebuked Haitian President Rene Preval on Tuesday for his growing friendship with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, noting that unlike Caracas, Washington delivers on the aid it promises, U.S. officials said. Preval was on his first official visit to the United States since taking power one year ago, carrying a long shopping list that included better protection for undocumented Haitian migrants and more U.S. investments in his impoverished country. Preval has brought a measure of stability to a nation with a long history of political convulsions and, at least in public, Bush was all praise for Preval. “I thank you for having one of the toughest jobs in the world,”� Bush said after their White House meeting, “and that is to bring prosperity […]

America Latina en Haiti : Solidaridad?

Am�rica Latina en Hait�: �Solidaridad? Mario Joseph y Brian Concannon, Jr. | 7 de mayo de 2007 Versi�n original: Haiti, MINUSTAH, and Latin America: Solidaridad? Traducci�n por: Lorena White Programa de las Am�ricas �El presidente de Venezuela Hugo Ch�vez fue recibido como un h�roe durante su visita el pasado 12 de marzo a Hait�. Los habitantes de los barrios pobres de Puerto Pr�ncipe salieron a las calles de la capital para animar, cantar y bailar, aportando el contagioso entusiasmo de las celebraciones haitianas. El presidente Ch�vez devolvi� las muestras de afecto. Sali� del autom�vil y se uni� a la fiesta, marchando e incluso corriendo junto a la multitud. Una vez en el Palacio Nacional, Ch�vez se subi� a la reja para aplaudir como si acabara de anotar un gol en el Mundial. Agradeci� p�blicamente a los haitianos por su […]

Haiti prison population rises; US aid ineffective, audit says

The USAID audit on Haiti’s prison system referenced in the story below can be found at: Reprinted from Caribbean Net News Haiti prison population rises; US aid ineffective, audit says Published on May 03, 2007 By Neil Roland WASHINGTON, USA (Bloomberg):� Haiti’s prisons are swelling with people awaiting trial, and US aid aimed at alleviating the situation is having little impact, an audit said. The number of prisoners has been climbing since February 2004, when jails were emptied upon the resignation of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. The average time in pre-trial detention has risen from 76 days in September 2004 to 408 days in December 2006, said a report by the inspector general of the US Agency for International Development. AID’s $3.7 million program to improve the flow of cases is insufficient, and monitoring by US officials has produced […]

Draft Resolution: Support for Institutional Strengthening and Socioeconomic Development in Haiti (OAS)

From the Organization of American States This document is being distributed to the permanent missions and will be presented to the Permanent Council of the Organization. THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY, RECOGNIZING that one of the essential purposes of the Organization of American States (OAS) is to promote and consolidate representative democracy and respect for democratic institutions, with due regard for the principle of nonintervention, as stated in its Charter; and reaffirming its strong attachment to the sovereignty and independence of Haiti; REAFFIRMING the principles contained in the Inter-American Democratic Charter, in particular the principle that “[d]emocracy is essential for the social, political, and economic development of the peoples of the Americas”; that “[d]emocracy and social and economic development are interdependent and mutually reinforcing”; and that “[p]overty, illiteracy, and low levels of human development are factors that adversely affect the consolidation of […]

Fighting for the Rule of Law in Haiti- Interview With Mario Joseph

Fighting for the Rule of Law in Haiti An exclusive Haiti Information Project interview with Haiti’s leading human rights lawyer, Mario Joseph by Darren Ell Mario Joseph became a human rights lawyer in the wake of Haiti’s 1991 coup d’�tat, helping victims prepare their cases and articulate their demands at a time when human rights law was not even taught in law school. In 1995, he joined the Bureau des avocats internationaux (BAI) which seeks to defend the poorest members of Haitian society. He is outraged by the hypocrisy of the Canadian, American and French Governments who were behind the 2004 coup d’�tat; but he is determined to bring to justice all those who attempted to destroy Haiti’s young democracy and who continue to violate the rule of law today. He spoke to Darren Ell from the offices of the […]

Time for Lula to Stop Doing Bush’s Dirty Work in Haiti

“They Came Here to Terrorize the Population” Time for Lula to Stop Doing Bush’s Dirty Work in Haiti By BEN TERRALL When Brazilian President Luiz In�cio Lula da Silva, better known as “Lula”, visits Washington on March 31, he will likely spend most of his time with President Bush discussing ethanol, a relatively safe subject for the two leaders. Earlier this month, Brazil and the United States, the world’s two top ethanol producers, announced the creation of an international forum to help turn biofuels into a globally traded commodity. Brazil, unlike the U.S., has spent thirty years developing its ethanol technology, and is producing a surplus of a sugar-based version of that fuel. Lula has been criticized for following the Bush Administration on foreign trade policy, but he may be in even more hot water for following Bush on a […]

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