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Mario PEC

In 2014, Bureau des Avocats Internationaux launched a new Civic Engagement Program (Programme d’Engagement Civique, PEC) in the Central Plateau of Haiti. All too often, residents of these communities have been vulnerable to misfortune because they cannot enforce individual rights like employment or contract rights to earn their way out of poverty; or land tenure rights to cultivate themselves out of poverty. Even when United Nations peacekeepers brought cholera to Haiti in 2010, Haiti’s government was unable or unwilling to stand up for its citizens’ rights to clean water and health.

The solution to this general inability to enforce basic rights is teaching these citizens skills that will allow them to engage effectively with the local, national and international powers that make the decisions which deprive them of their rights. In BAI’s experience, these skills are best taught as part of a concrete participative rights-enforcement initiative, which allows for experimentation, learning from successes and failures, and adapting techniques to local conditions. This process also enhances leadership development along the way, and provides the prospect of an improvement in the community’s lives. The community members choose the activities that best fit their capabilities, priorities and objectives and BAI helps them implement these activities and work towards their goals.


Viktim kolera an ayiti ekri lèt pou mande Nasyonzini jistis – December 1, 2015 (in Kreyòl)

Sit-in pou Senkyèm Anivèsè Kolera an Ayiti – October 16, 2015 (in Kreyòl)

Sou 5èm Anivèsè Kolera an Ayiti, Viktim Yo Mande Jistis – October 15, 2015 (in Kreyòl)

Konferans pou laprès jou kite 6 08 15 pou te prezante ak laprès PAK ELEKTORAL – August 6, 2015 (in Kreyòl)

Pak Elektoral BAI e Alye – July 25, 2015 (in Kreyòl)



Programme d’Engagement Civique (PEC-BAI/IJDH): encore une séance de formation pour les animateurs – July 20, 2016

Haitian Protesters Demand End to International Meddling – January 29, 2016


Pak Elektoral: An n Kore Elektè Yo Pou n Kore Demokrasi – August 6, 2015 (in English and Kreyòl)

Ann kore elektè yo pou n kore demokrasi: Pak electoral la se vrè kontra sosyal mas pèp la – August 6, 2015 (Press release, en Français)

BAI Inspires Students with Seminar on Human Rights and Justice in Haiti – June 2, 2015

Enhancing Women’s Participation in Civic Engagement – March 17, 2015 (Français ici)

Tackling Access to Justice in Civic Engagement Meetings – February 23, 2015 (Français ici)


Introducing the Launch of BAI’s Civic Engagement Program – December 17, 2014 (Kreyol isit, Français ici)

Building Back Haitian Government Responsiveness: The Power and Limitations of Grassroots Advocacy – June 2014

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