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Parole in the 112,000 Haitian Beneficiaries of Already-Approved Immigrant Visa Petitions

Prior to the earthquake, the Department of Homeland Security had approved the immigrant visa petitions of 112,000 Haitians who however must wait years longer in Haiti due to the visa backlog.  All will eventually join their families here; it makes more sense for them to do so immediately.  DHS should create a Haitian Family Reunification Parole Program – like the still-ongoing Cuban Family Reunification Parole Program it created in 2007 – or otherwise immediately parole in the 112,000 to give parity and permit their consequent remittances to help an estimated 550,000 relatives back home.  This would reunite families, facilitate orderly migration, save lives at sea, and speed crucially needed recovery funds to hundreds of thousands in need. Additional still-pending petitions should be expeditiously approved.

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