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Haiti Missionary Sentenced to 23 Years for Child Sex Abuse, Star Tribune, July 24, 2018
Children Say They’ve Been Raped by UN Peacekeepers. Why is There No Criminal Accountability, KALW, July 24, 2018
Film: UN Sex Abuse Scandal, PBS, July 24, 2018
For Victims of UN Sex Abuse or Exploitation, Help Can Be Elusive, by Priyanka Boghani, PBS, July 24, 2018
Viol : de petits progrès éclipsés par d’énormes défis,Le Nouvelliste. June 25, 2018.
Briefing note for UN Victim Rights Advocate, April 25, 2018. A French version of this brief can be download HERE.
Un peu d’espoir pour les femmes et les enfants abandonnés par les Casques bleusLe Nouvelliste. April 24, 2018.
A little hope for women and children abandoned by peacekeepersLe Nouvelliste. April 24, 2018.
The Oxfam Sex Abuse Scandal Demonstrates The Urgent Need for Legal Accountability in The Humanitarian aid Sector, by Sienna Merope-Synge, Al-Jazeera, February 2018

Press Release: Ten mothers of 11 children abandoned by UN peacekeepers bring a legal action to recover child support and establish custody, December 2017
An Evaluation of The Causes and Results of U.N. Peacekeeper Actions, by Azad Essa, Al-Jazeera, August 2017
BAI: Haitian Government Should Do More to Protect Women from Sexual Harassment, Le National, July 2017
The U.N Has Not Done Enough to Provide for Victims of Sexual Abuse, by John Zarella, CGTN, June 2017
The U.N. Should Stop Ignoring Victims of Sexual Assault and Children Fathered by Peacekeepers, by Makini Brice, Reuters, June 2017
Haitian women press for recognition from U.N. peacekeeper fathers,” By Makini Brice, Reuters, June 1, 2017
How a Haiti child sex ring was whitewashed in UN system,” Associated Press, May 26, 2017
U.N. Peacekeepers Ran a Child Sex Ring in Haiti Foreign policy, April 14, 2017
AP Report Documents Child Sexual Abuse By U.N. Peacekeepers In HaitiNPR, April 13, 2017
UN peacekeepers accused of thousands of cases of abuse, AP finds PBS, April 12, 2017
U.S. Envoy Says U.N. Peacekeepers Must Be Punished for Sexual AbuseTime, April 13, 2017
Survivors of Haiti’s Sexual Violence Crisis are Finally Making Themselves SeenNewsweek, April 19, 2017
After 13 Years and Several Scandals, U.N. Votes to End Mission in HaitiNewsweek, April 13, 2017
Private: The Disability Community in Collaboration with Bureau des Advocats Internationaux (BAI) Pay Tribute to Three Deaf Women Murdered in Cabaret, Haiti,  April 2017
Women Impregnated by Peacekeepers Need UN Cooperation, but Met with Silence, by Rebecca Ratcliffe, The Guardian, April 2017
Lack of Accountability Allows Peacekeeper Sexual Abuse to Continue Running Rampant, by Tanasia Kenney, Atlanta Black Star, April 2017
Hundreds of United Nations Peacekeepers Get Away With Sexual Exploitation, by Paisley Dodds, The Associated Press, April 12, 2017
BAI and IJDH Keep Human Rights in Haiti and The World’s Radar, March 2017
Impunity for UN Peacekeepers Who Rape Women in Haiti, by Kevin Kriedemann and Joy Sapieka, Bulawayo24 News, March 2017
Press Conference with Mother of 2 Peacekeeper Babies I konferans pou laprès yon manman 2 pitit “casques bleus”, by Bureaus des Advocats Internationaux, February 2017
Videotaped gang rape in Haiti sparks debate on sexual violence,” Agence France-Presse,  January  28, 2017

Plurrify Podcast Interview with Brian Concannon, Plurrify, October 2016
Canadian Government May Improve Relations with Alleged Victims of UN Peacekeepers, by Alex Boutelier and Kathleen Davis, Toronto Star, July 2016
Civil Society Challenges UN Secretary-General Candidates to Take Accountability Pledge, July 2016
Children of Peacekeepers: Those Left Behind by UN Mission in Haiti, by The Associated Press, The New York Times, July 2016
Spotlight for Rose Getchine Lima, Goldin Institute Global Associate for Haiti June 2016
Justice pour les enfants haïtiennes abandonné par Les Casques bleus, by Ricardo Lambert, Le Nouvelliste, June 2016
Steady Progress Against Sexual Violence in Haiti, by Malya Villard Apolon, Global Associate, May 2016
Violence Against Women, Trafficking, Prostitution, and Exploitation by UN Peacekeepers, by BAI & IJDH, January 2016
Gender Issues Facing Women and Girls, by BAI & IJDH, January 2016

List of Issues for Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women, by BAI & IJDH, June 2015
How Can Peacekeeper Impunity for Assault Be Ended?, The Real News Network, June 2015
IADL Statement for Committee on The Status of Women, by IJDH Staff Attorney Beatrice Lindstrom, March 2015

16 Days of Activism Against Gener-Based Violence November 2014
Importance of Expert Testimony in Rape Cases, by Abby Goldberg, New Media Advocacy Project, July 2014
Advancing Justice Through Expert Testimony, New Media Advocacy Project, June 2014
Seeking Justice For Haiti’s Rape Victims, by Allie Torgan, CNN, April 2014
Mario Joseph on Rights Enforcement as Solution To Sexual Violence in Haiti, March 2014
The Complex Problem of Prosecuting Rapists in Haiti, by Lisa Armstrong, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange, May 2014

MINUSTAH Rape Victim Seeks Justice, Sentinel,  September 2013
Messages from Haiti: Straight From The Source, FANM Pale, March 2013
Haiti Moves to Tighten Laws on Sexual Violence, by Ansel Herz, Inter Press Service, March 2013
A System Put to the Test, by Brian Concannon Jr., Esq. Dissident Voice, January 2013
A SOAPBOX IN HAITI Presents “Mario Joseph: Human Rights in Haiti”  January 2013

NY TIMES Suggests It’s Pointlessto Report Rape in Haiti, Ignoring Serious Efforts to Protect Women, by Meena Jagannath, AlterNet, December 2012
Beyond Shock: Charting The Landscape of Sexual Violence in Post-Earthquake Haiti, by Anne-Christine d’Adesky, PotoFanm, December 2012
“When It Rains, We Will Grow Again”: Haitian Women Observe International Women’s Day, by Alexis Erkert, Other Worlds, March 2012
Group Founded by Rape Survivors Lifts Up Haitian Women, by Rousbeh Legatis, March 2012

Protesters Call for U.N. To Leave Haiti, by Nick Rowlands, Reuters, September 2011
“Until the Day I Die”: Gerta Louisama on Haitian Women Winning Their Rights, by Beverly Bell, August 2011
Listen to Meena Jagannath, BAI Legal Fellow, with an update on the Rape Accountability and Prevention Project, July 2011
Women Turn Spotlight on Haiti’s Silent Rape Epidemic, by Gabor Szabo, Budapest Report, April 2011
An Epidemic of Rape for Haiti’s Displaced, The New York Times, April 2011
Women Turn Spotlight on Haiti’s Silent Rape Epidemic, By Cléo Fatoorehchi, United Nations IPS, March 2011
Hearing on Sexual Violence in Haiti, March 2011
Intervention of Lisa Davis (Inter-American Comission on Human Rights), March 2011
Testimonty of Malya Villard Appolon: Enlish, Kreyol (Inter-American Commission on Human Rights), March 2011
Sexual Violence in Haiti’s IDP Camps: Results of a Household Survey (CHRGJ)  March 2011
Lawyers’ Earthquake Response Network (LERN) Fellow, Annie Gell, Participated in a BBC World “Have Yor Say” Program on Gender-based Violence in Haiti, BBC World , March 2011
CHRGJ Survey Suggests Alarming Levels of Sexual Violence In Haiti’s IDP Camps, CHRGJ, March 2011
Annie Gell Talks About Gender-Based Violence, WBAI Radio, March 2011
The BAI Holds Self-Defense Class for the Women and Girls of Haiti  , January 2011
Haiti After the Earthquake: “An Epidemic of Sexual Violence” by Inga Rahmsdorf,, January 2011
Sexual Violence in Haiti’s IDP Camps: Results of a Household Survey, CHRGJ, January 2011
Lawyers’ Earthquake Response Network (LERN) Fellow, Annie Gell, Participated in BBCS World “Have Your Say” Program on Gender-based Violence in Haiti, BBC World, March 2011
CHRGJ Survey Suggests Alarming Levels of Sexual Violence in Haiti’s IDP Camps, CHRGJ, March 2011
Annie Gell Talks About Gender-Based Violence on WBAI Radio, WBAI, March 2011
The BAI Holds Self-Defense Class for The Women and Girls of Haiti, January 2011
Haiti After the Earthquake: “An Epidemic of Sexual Violence”,, January 2011
Haiti a Year Later: Every Glimmer of Hope Balanced by A Tale of Despair, by Jessica Leeder, Global and Mail, January 2011
“Our Bodies Are Still Trembling”: Haitian Women Continue to Fight Against Rape, by IJDH, January 2011
Haiti: Aftershocks: Women Speak Out Against Sexual Violence in Haiti’s Camps , January 2011
Women Wonder If They’ll Ever Feel Safe Again, by Jane Regan and Kanya D’Almeida, IPS, January 2011
One Day in Port-au-Prince – THE LAWYER: “Rape Cases Have Tripled” sine the quake, by Tim Large, AlertNet,January 2011
Annie Gell on Gender-Based Violence, WBAI Radio, Talk Back, January 2011

Haiti Camps No Safe Havens for Women, by Lisa Armstrong, USA Today, December 2010
You Can Prevent Rapes in Haiti, December 2010
Fighting Back: After the Quake, by Lisa Armstrong, Essence Magazine, December 2010
Beneficiary Perceptions Regarding The Effectiveness of Measures to Prevent Sexual Exploitation and Abuse by Humanitarian aid Worker, HAP, December 2010
IACHR Expresses Concern Over Situation in Caps for Displaced Persons in Haiti, IACHR, November 2010
Bearing Witness: Girls and Women in Haiti’s Camps, by Didi Bertrand Farmer, World Pulse, November 2010
Sex Trafficking of Haitian Kids Exploding, by Gerardo Reyes and Jacqueline Charles, McClatchy Newspapers, October 2010
Request for Precautionary Measures to The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, October 2010
UN Humanitarian Official Speaks About Gender-Based Violence On Mission To Haiti, People’s Daily Online, October 2010
Haitian Civil Society Organizations and Earthquake Survivors Protest Renewal of UN Peacekeeping Mission, October 2010
Nine Months After the Quake – A million Haitians Slowly Dying, by Bill Quigley, Huffington Post, October 2010
Beginning of the End: Anti-Rape Campaign, RH Reality Check, October 2010
A Program Helping Adolescent Girls Will Be Expanded to Haiti and Yemen, Washington, October 2010
Group: Haiti Earthquake Camps Expose Women to Sex Violence, by Bill Varner, Bloomberg News, October 2010
Haitian Women at Increased Risk of Trafficking, by Emilie Godoy, IPS, September 2010
Panel Examines Earthquake Effect on Safet of Haitian Women , September 2010
After Earthquake, Violence Against Haitian Women Rises, by Kinal M. Patel, Virginia Law Weekly, September 2010
Haitian Women Struggle to Keep Hope Alive, by Wadner Pierre, IPS, September 2010
Haiti: UN Launches New Campaign Against Rape and Gender-Based Violence, UN News Service on ReliefWeb, September 2010
UN Launches Anti-rape Campaign in Haiti, by Anita Snow, Associated Press, September 2010
The Plight of Haiti’s Women: Eight Months After The Earthquake Life in Camps is Rife With Sexual Violence, by Kremena Krumova, The Epoch Times, September 2010
Women in storm’s path, by Sue Montgomery, The Montreal Gazette, September 2010
Violences Faites aux Femmes: Préoccupations, by par Valery Daudier, Le Nouvelliste, September 2010
Beginning of The End, by Rapadoo, RH Reality Check, August 2010
Haitian Women Fights Sexual Violence, by Amie Newman, RH Reality Check,  August 2010
Gender-Based Violence in Haiti, by Stepehn Lendman, The People’s Voice, August 2010
Haitian Women Live In Fear of Rape in Postquake Camps, by Anastasia Moloney, Reuters AlertNet, August 2010
Recommendation to the American Bar Association Concerning the Rights of Haitian Women and Children, August 2010
Report of the Independent Expert on the Question of Human Rights and Extreme Poverty (UN), by Magdalena Sepúlveda Carmona, August 2010
Letter to Nigel Fisher, Deputy Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General, August 2010
Haiti: Women and Girls Displaced Victims of Gender Violence, by Juliana Rincon Parra, August 2010
Haiti: where is the Money? By Imani Countess, News One, August 2010
Haiti’s Most Vulnerable Children at Heightened Risk in Earthquake’s Aftermath,, August 2010
Help World’s Women Fight Violence, by Rekha Basu, Baxtor Bulletin, July 2010
IJDH Releases Major Report on Violence Against Women and Girls in Haiti, IJDH, July 2010
Rape a Part of Daily Life for Women in Haitian Relief Camps, by Gina Ulysse, Ms. Magazine, July 2010
Rape in Haiti: Report Released on Violence Against Women and Girls in Haiti, IJDH and MADRE, July 2010
Our Bodies Are Still Trembling: Haitian Women’s Fight Against Rape, IJDH, BAI, LERN, TAF, MADRE, UNM, UVA, July 2010
Gender-Based Violence in Haiti, Haiti Advocacy Working Group, July 2010
The Role Of Women In Rebuilding Haiti, by Tony Cox, NPR, July 2010
UN Police in Haiti arrest fugitives suspected of rapes inside camps for displaced, UN News Service, July 2010
Protect Victims of Abuse, by Meghan Rhoad, Miami Herald, July 2010
UN stresses safeguarding human rights in humanitarian emergencies, UN News Centre, July 2010
KOFAVIV on Democracy Now! Rape in the Camps: Lacking Security, Women Organize to Protect Themselves, Democracy Now!, July 2010
Violence Against Women in Haiti: Prepared for Congressional Briefing, IJDH, MADRE, University of Minnesota, Digital Democracy, July 2010
The Women of Haiti Still in Rubble, by Michelle Chen, Color Lines News for Action, July 2010
Haiti’s quake victims fear rape, by Sebastian Walker, Al Jazeera, July 2010
No justice for Haiti’s women inmates, by Clarens Renois, Associated Press, July 2010
The Predictable Disaster: Post Earthquake, Widespread Rape in Haiti Goes Unaddressed, by Amie Newman, Rewire News, July 2010
After Haiti’s Quake, Another Form of Horror, by Linda Basch and Esta Soler, New York Times, June 2010
LERN Lawyers to Lobby at the UN Economic and Social Council for an End to Violence Against Women and Girls in Haiti, IJDH, MADRE, University of Minnesota, Digital Democracy, June 2010
Haiti: Still an “ideal climate for rape”, by Tracy Clark-Flory, Salon, June 2010
Sexual Assaults Add to Miseries of Haiti’s Ruins, by Deborah Sontag, New York Times, June 2010
Making Haiti Safe for Women Through the Light of a Lamp, by Ruth Messinger, Huffington Post, June 2010
UVa law clinic turns attention to Haitian rape victims, by Tasha Kates, DailyProgress, June 2010
Women in Haiti after the January 12, 2010 Earthquake, Huairou Commission, June 2010
UN Human Rights Council Passes Resolution to “Accelerate Efforts to Eliminate All Forms of Violence Against Women”, June 2010
Haitian Women’s Rights Activist Leaves Camp for Displaced People to Testify before the UN Human Rights Council, IJDH, MADRE, June 2010
U.Va. law professor: Haiti’s women at high risk for rape after earthquake, Newsleader , June 2010
Empower women to speed recovery, by Kathleen Kline, Miami Herald, May 2010
Haiti: End the rape in temporary shelters! (French), by Amos Cincir, The Nouvellist, May 2010
IJDH’s Blaine Bookey, Esq. and Brian Concannon, Jr., Esq., CKUT Radio, Montreal, May 2010
Senators Call for Immediate and Urgent Action to Protect the Women of Haiti, Partners in Health, IJDH, May 2010
Refugee door pried open for Haitian women fearing rape, By Tracey Tyler, Legal Affairs Reporter, May 2010
Bangladesh police in Haiti, by Razzak Raza, Blitz, May 2010
Haitian Women Regroup, Rebuild, by Rebecca Harshbarger, WeNews correspondent, May 2010
INTERVIEW-Safer shelter needed to avert Haiti disease outbreaks, by Anastasia Moloney, May 2010
UN Human Rights Council Statement, MADRE, KOFAVIV, BAI, IJDH, University of Virginia School of Law Human Rights Program, University of Minnesota Human Rights Litigation and Advocacy Clinic, May 2010
U.S. Delegation Finds Inadequate Response, and “Victim-Blaming” Approach to Rapes in Haitian Displacement Camps (English), LERN, MADRE, University of Virginia School of Law, TransAfrica Forum, Morrison and Foerster, May 2010
US Senators Urge USAID to Make Safety of Women and Girls a Priority, May 2010
The Real Disaster in Haiti is Happening Right Now, by Nicole Phillips, Esq., IJDH Staff Attorney, May 2010
Haiti relief workers try to stem rape in refugee camps, by Kathie Klarreich, Christian Science Monitor, May 2010
Haitians Hope for Humanitarian Parole, by Josue Rojas, New America Media, May 2010
Nap Kenbe: Finding a Safe Space for Haiti’s Women Part II, by Blaine Bookey, Esq., IJDH/BAI Legal Fellow, May 2010
IJDH Staff Attorney Nicole Phillips, Esq. on Women: Body and Soul, May 2010
Female Bangladeshi Forces Carry Hope to Haiti, by Amy Lieberman, WeNews, April 2010
UN Security Council Briefing (GBV a concern), April 2010
Broadcasting Women’s Voices in Haiti’s Reconstruction: Women’s Community Radio, by Beverly Bell, Huffington Post, April 2010
Haitian student had ‘no chance to scream’ when thugs raped her in earthquake aftermath, by Christina Boyle, New York Daily News, April 2010
Now is not the time to forget Haiti, by Jessica Hinds, EMC Editorial, April 2010
Haiti’s situation still dire, despite progress – Deputy Secretary-General, UN News Centre, April 2010
Double Victims: The Earthquake Through Haitian Women’s Eyes, by Mark Schuller, Huffington Post, April 2010
Haitian Women’s Grassroots Groups to Hold Press Conference (Version Kreyol), April 2010
Haitian Women’s Grassroots Groups to Hold Press Conference, KOFAVIV, FAVILEK, April 2010
Canada slow to accept rape risk: Immigration board has rejected refugee claims from fearful Haitian women, by Tracey Tyler,  Legal Affairs Reporter, April 2010
Health in Haiti: Lessons to Learn for National Public Health Week 2010, by Susan Blumenthal, Huffington Post
Gender Shadow Report: Ensuring Haitian Women’s Participation and Leadership in All Stages of National Relief and Reconstruction, Women’s International Network of the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters, Equality Now, Gender and Disaster Network, Groots International, Huairou Commission, Lambi Fund of Haiti, MADRE, ORÉGAND, Poto Mitan: Rebuilding Haiti Initiative .g+dsr, April 2010
Ensuring Haitian Women’s Participation and Leadership in All Stages of National Relief and Reconstruction, ReliefWeb, April 2010
Rape blights lives of Haiti’s quake survivors, by Katherine Baldwin, Thomson Reuters Foundation News, April 2010
Haiti: Addressing Atrocities Following the Quake, by Suzan Song, Huffington Post, March 2010
PDNA: Preliminary Gender Shadow Report, March 2010
Haitian Women: Enter At Center Stage, by Taina Bien-Aime, Huffington Post,  March 2010
Sexual Predators Haunt Haiti’s Camps, by Gabriel Elizondo, Al Jazeera’s The Americas Blog, March 2010
After the earthquake, protecting Haitian women and girls from violence, by Jennifer Bakody, UNICEF, March 2010
Haiti’s most desperate reach for temporary U.S. lifeline, by Katherine Baldwin, Reuters, March 2010
Haiti After the Earthquake: Initial Mission Findings, Amnesty International, March 2010
Haiti’s Emergency Response Must Include Protection From Widespread Sexual Violence, Amnesty International, March 2010
Take Action: An Open Letter to Donors of the Haiti Reconstruction: Ensuring Haitian Women’s Participation and Leadership in All Stages of National Relief and Reconstruction, Association for Women’s Rights in Development, March 2010
“Our Bodies are Shaking Now” – Rape Follows Earthquake in Haiti, by Beverly Bell, Huffington Post, April 2010
Sexual Assaults in Haitian Camps Prompt Security Enhancements, by Suzanne Presto, Voice of America, April 2010
Press Release from the Solidarity Platform of Female Citizens of Haiti (French), April 2010
Haiti Post-Quake Rapes Rise, Women’s e-News, April 2010
Haiti should have final say over rebuilding Preval says, The Medical News, March 2010
Solidarity Platform of Female Citizens of Haiti (French), March 2010
Rape has become new fear for women struggling to survive in earthquake-ravaged Haiti, by Michael Sheridan, New York Daily News, March 2010
Women fear violence in Haitian camps, by Sara Sidner, CNN
Rape is latest horror for Haitian women, girls who lost homes and loved ones in quake, by Michelle Faul, The Associated Press, March 2010
Haiti’s Rape Crisis, by Liesl Gerntholtz, The Morung Express, March 2010
UN Security Council: Better Shelter, Security Needed for Haiti VictimsHuman Rights Watch, February 2010
Letter to the UN Security Council on the Human Rights and Humanitarian Situation in Haiti, Human Rights Watch, February 2010
Haiti: United Nations Experts’ Body Calls for Active Role of Women as Key Resource in Country’s Recovery, United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG), February 2010

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