In May 2020, IJDH and BAI sent an open letter to UN Victims’ Rights Advocate (VRA), Jane Connors.

Attorneys Mario Joseph and Sandra Wisner wrote, “As lawyers representing the mothers of children fathered and abandoned by UN peacekeepers, in Haitian court proceedings for child support, we write to express our concerns that almost three years after these cases were filed, the UN’s failure (a) to certify the non-applicability of functional immunity directly to Haitian courts pursuant to Article 52 of the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) and (b) to recognize that these cases involve legal rights, processes, and obligations, is impeding access to justice for our clients.”

“We, therefore, call on the VRA in its mandate to secure access to remedies for victims of sexual exploitation and abuse to ensure that, in accordance with Article 52 of the SOFA, UN certification regarding functional immunity is shared appropriately with Haitian courts and BAI as the mothers’ legal representative. It is high time for the UN to ensure justice and accountability for victims.”

In August, Assistant Secretary-General Connors wrote a response to IJDH and BAI.

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