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Below are statements from our past and present interns about their experience at IJDH. If you are an IJDH alumnus and would like to be featured on this page please email:

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 Jane Tampubolon says, “Applying as an intern for IJDH, I was hoping to get more involved in advocating for human rights. I believe as a future physician, we need to understand our patients’ values to give the best treatment, and in order to do that, we need to understand basic human rights. As soon as I started my internship with IJDH, I realized that there are many more problems regarding human rights than what I previously thought. Luckily, IJDH provides me with hands-on involvement in taking steps toward justice through research, advertising, and advocacy work. IJDH gives me an opportunity to explore my interests, my career options, and most importantly, my responsibilities to help others. Lastly, I have met the most amazing people who do such amazing work in advocacy!”

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 Nicole Hajek says, “I originally applied to be an intern at IJDH because, as a Health Science major, I learned a lot about Haiti from a public health perspective and wanted to learn more about the country. As an intern, my knowledge and interest has shifted to the basic human rights and justice for the people of Haiti. IJDH has sparked my passion for humans rights and to fight for what’s right. My day-to-day tasks through research, development and communication give me the opportunity to work firsthand with the organization to reach our goals. I have met some the of smartest and most dedicated professionals through my position and am forever grateful for the knowledge and opportunities IJDH has given me!”

McQueen Headshot 2018 Mairin McQueen says, “As a Political Science and Communications student at Boston University, IJDH’s Development and Communications Internship was the perfect synthesis of my interests. I came in prepared to work with purpose on social media and organization, but I never anticipated how much I would learn at IJDH. Every time I’m in the office, my tasks (and co-workers!) teach me in depth about struggles in Haiti such as the cholera epidemic, natural disaster recovery, and government corruption. Each time I’m assigned a new project, I’m propelled to research human rights abuses and their complex legal solutions on a worldwide scale. Whether at a rally or at my desk, my internship at IJDH has transformed me from someone with a pre-existing passion for human rights into an informed activist.”

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 2.23.04 PMJames Rasaiah says, “I decided to volunteer with IJDH in my spare time shortly after arriving in Boston; I was drawn to their amazing work with activists and civil society representatives over in Haiti, and knew that it would be a unique opportunity to make an impact while learning more about a country that I had little knowledge of. What I hadn’t anticipated was how much I would enjoy coming into the office and working with such smart, driven and passionate people who cared deeply about their work and helping Haitians build a better future for themselves. I would highly recommend IJDH as an organization to get involved with as a volunteer; no matter your skill set or background, there will be always be something substantive and enjoyable that you can make a meaningful contribution towards.”

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